Chapter 1: Terminus and Inqusition

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Chapter 1:


The telephone rang at the end of time. It was my final interrogator.

"You have lots to answer for, Phi." the caller said.

It is just a little beyond the beginning of the end of everything, Time is dead. Now it is just one moment stretched until all that remains is destroyed. The last impressions of everything, frozen, in that one last glimpse before the curtains fall on light and darkness alike. What remains in momentum in this sliver of a moment, as I witness it, are three parts. Only one part of it is life in human form and two are parts that came from the primordial Void. One of those parts is me, Phi, and the other is my nemesis, in the most loosely based analogy of a mortal enemy there ever was. It is also one of my oldest companions, this I mean in the most exact definition of a fellow traveller on an extensive journey. It is this part that currently waits for me with questions.

    The apocalyptic battles were afoot. Beginning with Rudra's thunders lashing through the sky. The rumbling was indeed an apt background score for the scenes unfolding in different pockets of space but in the final plasmic moment of Time. Rudra, the entity from the highest dimension who was overseeing the decimation of this cycle of the universe, had begun his dance of destruction.

The final hairs on the Tirawa Atius's buffalo bull had begun shedding, sending a shower of stardust, meteors, down from the skies. The sources of light, the stars were dimming, not consumed by The Dark but by the infinite nothingness. This event has marked the birth of the first wave. A wave, not made of liquid, had begun sweeping across all realms and dimensions as a saviour entity called Anshedar. I could feel it washing over the cosmos drawing a map of faithfulness. Every bit of existence was facing inevitable judgement and here I am delaying my own inquisition. 

All that was part of the story of this cycle, flows through the veins of this grand plot and design, abiding by the rules and laws. No matter how minuscule the event, even a flutter of wings, will now face the third and final wave, The Saoshyant-Judgement. One is tempted to argue that they were just unfortunately placed in the workings of the cosmos. However, it is after the judgment is passed, Maitreya - the one mind, the general consciousness of all organic life - will realise and understand the illusion and the illusory nature of all of existence.

We are not there yet, far from it, we are still waiting for Anshedar to finish his reconnaissance. Once it is the done, The Second wave- Aushedarmah, a judgement wave will wash over the final battles. The battles will be fought between opposing forces, all at once in all the different realms. The opposing forces will nothing but cancel each other out. The slaying of the dragon will mark the end of the realm of evil. Ragnarok, the battle in which the realm of godliness will be eviscerated. Finally, the defeat of Dajjal- the realm of the Antithesis, the mirror realm will shatter.   

    My inquisition party wants to know how to face the end of everything without having to leave, without having to lose anything and even scoop up an exit bonus, that would be me, all of me: the past, present and future. 

    I set the receiver down on the table. It had begun to gradually peel away, The edges had begun blurring back into non-existence. I had to take a final note of the masterpiece at the base of the phone. Forever a work in progress, it was still filling up the latest addition, binary code and a broken hourglass. I touched the broken hourglass with remorse and regret. Time was no more and I never got to say goodbye. Sands of time spilling over from the fracture in the hourglass, every grain a participant in the apocalypse and a vehicle towards the collapse back into the Void.

    A humming had begun before the phone rang, a warning that the second conch shell would be sounded soon. Two out of the three conchs would be sounded for me. First to indicate that the time's up on Time, Second to start wrapping things up and the Third would be the end of the last, the last moment that is stretching into limbo, that parting gift from Time, one moment spanning from the beginning of the end to the end, the eternal moment will end and we will truly be without and Time at all. For now, I reminisce in that very moment, just a little longer perhaps than usual, for I must begin setting my affairs in order.

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