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I packed up my bag and  got ready to go to work. Then I was on my way out only to see this limosine parked up in front of my apartment building. I walked past it with my suitcase only for the door to open. I looked  around for the person who  is to enter the car but I was rhe only one outside, I  looked at the driver then he said "miss Calliso, I'm  here  to pick you up as mr Montano instructed." I looked up at him.

"I'm  terribly sorry but I think  you have the  wrong miss Calliso"

"Ma'am I think you are the only one living in this building working  with Mr Montono and travelling with him. "

"Wait I'm  the only one going with him?"

"Apparently so."

"So you are taking me to work?"


"Where are you taking me to then?"

"Boss said I should drop you off  straight at the airport."

"Are we running late for a flight or what?

"Ma'am I  dont mean to be rude or tell you to shut up but you do ask to many questions. When we arrive you may ask boss anything."

There was somethig wierd about the way he said boss, like with it came so much power and en authority. Then the tattoos on his neck that apoears he tried to conceal only made made my  doubt grow.
We arrived at the  airport  and the driver took my box.

"Wait driver, I didnt get your name."

"Its James for you ma'am."

"And also Zipporah for you"

"I like to keep business  formal"

"Fine, then when you call I won't answer"

"You cant do that "

"Trust me I've done it countless times. Its quite easy for me."
"Okay Zipporah "

"Good it seems you take to correction quite easily but you are strong headed"

"Already evaluating?"

"Thats just me"

"Fast lets go and get to boss "

We started running towards the nm private jat takeoff check outs rather he started moving fast and I started running.
"Wait we are going to on wrong pl..."

I shut up once I saw the jet withe the company name printed unto the side. My mouth hung open and I just bubbled like a fish.

"Come on dont just stand there you've wasted bosses time long enough he will start getting angry at us and I will escape back to the safety of my home while you will have to suffer with him on the plane ride"

"You say it like he is a bad man but he has been calm for the time  I in have been working with him, see I'll just tell him that I wasted a little time and en git here late and he will reply 'its fine lets just go' and everything will be  fine"

"Be sure to record the conversation for  me to here to hear later, and a piece  of  advice, if I were you I wouldn't bet my life on that"

I just smiled and got the on the  plane. There I saw mr Montano sitting uncomfortably on the chair drinking a glass of red wine.

"Where have you been" he suddenly said
I walked up to him and said
"Well I wasted time  a bit cause I didn't exactly want  to with your  driver" I said uncertainly. His face softened but just for half a second before it became stone cold.
My mouth was left open. I didnt think would scream at me  like that, hell I didn't think he could  shout at anyone like that.

"Sir I'm sorry its just that I am quite insecure about quite somethings."

His face  soften at those words. I automatically  calmed down a bit.
"Just go sit down and get ready for takeoff "he said
I took a seat opposite him and he quickly brought out his laptop and started typing on it.

I had never seen his arrogant side  but I know one dosage of it is more than  enough for a lifetime. He shouted so painfully and arrogantly with nothing more than hate and regret. He probably thinks that if he got any other person to go with him, he wont be this disappointed. I just looked evaluating him.

"Hmm hum"
The clearing of a throat brought me make to reality.

"I'm sure your parents taught you  that it's rude  to stare."

"I'm  sorry sir it's just that the way you screamed at me I didn't think anyone could shout at me like that or even another human."

"See princess, look at it from this perspective, one of a businessman the lazy asses sums up the failed business.  That's why my arch rival in business csnt meet up with me. He isn't as efficient.  Don't worry  go to sleep everything willbe better when you wake up."

I comfortably tucked myself into the blanket I found under my seat, then I dosed off to sleep but not before faintly hearing Xavier say

"At least that is what my parents used totell me."
I was too tired to bother asking and fell asleep.

"Ladies and gentlemen please be in your seats and fasten your seatbelts we will be landing shortly "
This was the sound that woke me up.  I got up to find Xaviers head perched on my lap. I wanted to wake him but thought better of it since through  next week he would hardly get any sleep.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are now landing in the Dubai airport.
Oh my goodness I can't believe I am in Dubai . I nearly screamed. My Un parents always said that travelling to a desert is stupidity but I believed Dubai was more than just a desert. I loooked out the window, and oh the lights they were beautiful. I had never seen so many lights on one runway at this late hour of the night.
I woke Xavier  withs soft taps on his shoulders and running my hands through his hair.
I heard moans coming ou fron his mouth and thought that he was probably having wet dreams.

I was about to dtop when he said
"Just keep going like that hmm"
That was when I slowed down
"I swear my head has never felt this good."
That is when I grabbed what he was saying and continued rubbing his head and hi moans just kept coming out luckily it was his private jet so the privacy cane with it.
Just as we landed Xavier woke up.
"Hey sleepy head we have arraived "
Hr groand and rose with a bright smile
"I had the best dream ever I dreamr that someome was giving me a head massage and it was the best thing ever." He said with a triumphant smile. He talked like a baby who dreamt of being in toy world.
"Okay sir let's get off the plane and head to the hotel its already late and you have a meeting tomorrow morning. "

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