Ch.1 Two Kind Boys

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You want to know why I'm interested in becoming a hero?

Simple really.


I have two reasons.


~~~~10 Years Earlier~~~~


That's all I can see. It's all I hear or feel.

It's cold, wet, and gross.

Looking from the sidewalk into a nearby alleyway, I spot a perfect cardboard box I can take shelter under. I walk near the dumpster and examine the box.

It looks clean enough.

I lift the box up a bit and crawl under it. Luckily, my tiny body was able to fit under the whole thing.

Safe from the rain, I hug myself. I couldn't stop shaking.


I try to block out the sound.


I place a hand on my stomach. In a soft, quiet voice, I spoke.

"P-Please stop... I don't want them to find me..."




I sigh a bit as I my stomach ignores my pleads.

Lifting the box a bit, I look at the dumpster next to me.

"M-Maybe there's food in there."

Crawling out from under the box, I step on top of it and look inside the big trash bin. Much to my dismay, I find it empty. The only thing in there was a small layer of water from the rain.






I quickly get off the box and hide under it once again. Covering my ears, I try to ignore the sound of the thunder.


I jump again.

I hate the sound of thunder. It's so loud and scary.

My body continues to shake out of fear and from how cold I was.



Warm tears start to roll down my cheeks as I begin to silently sob.

I...I don't know what to do.

I can't go home. I don't know where to go. I have no idea where I'm even at. My life is a mess.



"Come on, Tamaki! Let's get home before the storm gets worse!"

I lift the box a bit and peak out towards the sidewalk, at the entrance of the alleyway. Standing there was a boy about a year or two older than me. He had blond hair and shining blue eyes.

He was smiling as he waited under the umbrella he was holding.

A second later, another boy appears. He had indigo hair and eyes. He catches up to his friend and catches his breath.

" fast..." he speaks in between breaths.

"Oops. Sorry. I'll slow down."


I just watch the two.

They seem close.


Suddenly, the boy with the blond hair turns his head towards my direction. I quickly pulled the box down, hiding underneath it once more.

I hope he didn't see me.

I could hear the two talk as I hid.

"W-What are you looking at?"

"I thought...I saw someone."

"The rains so thick, I'm surprised we can see anything pass our noses... M-Mirio! Where are you going?!"

"I'm sure I saw someone."

The one voice gets louder as he comes closer to where I'm hiding.

"W-Wait! Y-You don't know that for sure! What if it's a homeless person?!"

"Then we should help them."

"W-What if they're dangerous?!"

"...I don't think they are."

"How can you tell?!"

"Because...I feel like they're not."

"...We're dead."

"I think they were over here."

Sitting in the fetal position, I hide my face in my knees. My arms hugged my legs close.

Please don't find me.


The box is suddenly lifted up, revealing where I was.

"Whoa... Hey, are you okay?"

I peak to find the blond-haired boy holding the box. His friend was now holding the umbrella.

"A-A...child?" the other boy stutters.

I hide my face again.

"She's shaking. Tamaki, come over here."


The other boy comes over and stands next to his friend. Taking the umbrella from him, the boy holds it over me.


I lift my head a bit to find his bright smile.


Afraid, I continue to shake.

"You scare of thunder?"

Without looking at them, I give a small nod.

"Hmm... Let's bring her back to your place, Tamaki."


"You're parents won't be home until later tonight right?"

"Y-Yeah, b-but-"

"Perfect. Hey, can you stand?"


I look up at the two. The smiling boy had his hand stretched towards me, offering to help me up.


"We won't hurt you. I promise."


Trusting his words, I take his hand and he helps me up. As he does, I could see his friend eyeing me all over.

He's probably looking at the bandages. My whole entire body is covered neck to toe. My head was the only thing not covered though.

"My name is Mirio Togata by the way." blondie speaks. "And this is my friend, Tamaki Amajiki. What's your name?"


"Ami, huh? Well, it's nice to meet you Ami. Now, let's get you to a nice warm place."


Mirio chuckles.

"We'll get you some food too."

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