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nine - harry

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nine – harry

Good job Harry, the voice whispered in his ear.

            “Are you that stupid?!” Angie’s high – pitched screeched as she stomped furiously in Harry’s room, disheveled hair and ruined make-up. It was obvious that she had been crying, and Harry’s heart clenched in fear when she crouched over him, her eyes holding in a mixture of insanity and furry.

            “Wh-what?” he mumbled, curling his feet against his chest and making himself as small as possible, “D-don’t – “

            “From the beginning you’ve been putting me into trouble, doing things that I’ve strictly told you not to, because I know what’s good for you, yet you continue to treat my advice like garbage!” her words hurt Harry a lot more than the slap which followed, reddening and stinging his cheek – unsurprisingly.

            “I-I-I’m sorry, I d-didn’t –“

            “Stop lying for bloody sake’s!” Angie screamed again, pushing him against the wall and pulling on his hair, tears filling Harry’s sensitive, mossy green eyes. “If you dare do something like this again I will not hesitate to do something that I will frankly will not regret – “

            “B-but, I – I didn’t do anything, I swear, I – I listen to you, s-stop-p, you’re – you’re hurting me!” Harry cried out. His head hurt so much and the tears felt scorching hot against his blotching skin, and his knees buckled against the wrath of Angie’s hand.

            Watching him in this condition, Angie slowly and reluctantly let go of his hair and wrapped her right arm around his small waist, and then the other one reached up to his head to bring it against his chest, cradling him as if he was a helpless baby, “I love you,” she whispered to him, kissing his forehead tenderly, her attitude completely different than the one just a couple of seconds before, “And I care about you so much, and I wish you’d listen to me more so that some of these things wouldn’t have happened.”           

            Swiping the tearstains off his blotchy cheeks, Harry nodded back at his friend, smiling shyly at her, “Yes, I understand,” he told her truthfully, “I’m s-sorry, I’m so, so sorry – “

            “That’s alright my love,” Angie whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek tenderly, “You’re a smart child, sweetheart. You just need to use your head a little bit more, that’s what I think.”

            “I’ll – I’ll do that.” Harry assured her, wrapping his arms around her again and squeezing her in his arms, then released her and let her leave for her room while he made his way towards his. A cold wind hugged his arms, goose bumps forming on his pale skin, Me, the voice spoke in his head, you will only listen and take orders from me. You hear me, Harry, only me. And stop being such a slut!

            “Louis!” Harry heard Liam’s voice shout, and then loud, furious steps as Louis walked rushed to his room, grabbing Harry’s arms in the meantime and pushing him inside his bedroom, shutting the door closed, “Stop this nonsense!”

            “Wha – “ Harry however did not say what he was meant to because Louis quickly brought him into his arms, pushing the both of them down on the bedding and holding him so tightly in his arms that Harry thought he was going to explode. “Uh, I – “

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