Chapter 10 Part 1

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Hello everyone. Long time no see...I've probably lost all my readers by now, but here is the beginning of chapter ten.

I will upload the rest soon :)

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I sighed and swallowed the growing lump in my throat. My luggage suddenly seemed like it was filled with bricks and I struggled to pull it over to the waiting seats. There was a huge window with almost unnatural light streaming through, lighting up my home.

“Am I making the right choice?” I whispered.

“Boarding Call for flight 758 to Buffalo.” The loudspeaker blared. I shook my head as if trying to clear it, and lined up with the other passengers. My ticket was approved and I stepped off my homeland onto a plane that would take me to see someone I didn’t want to see… I suddenly realized what a stupid decision this was. However, I was already on the plane, so I would stay in Buffalo for a few days. Only a few. I could put up with ‘her’ for that long.

Or if Aaron was here, we could rent a hotel room…

This wasn’t the first time I had thought of Aaron in the past hour. I mentally slapped myself – or maybe I did slap myself, because some of the passengers were giving me weird looks. I settled down into my seat, until the plane was closed up and the final boarding call was over. I stood up and looked around at the nearly empty plane. Waste of fuel – but I wasn’t complaining, I got the whole middle row to myself.

I looked at the flimsy blankets, and I remembered the thick duna I have at home. I remembered the first night with Aaron, where I hated him, and then suddenly saw him grin out of the darkness. This felt wrong. It WAS wrong – and all these gorgeous guys – Will, Aaron and Parker wanted ME, and I screwed up with all of them. How is that possible?

 And Dad. Who knew if I would even see him again? Everyone I loved. Everyone I still love. They all hate me.

I curled up under the thin blanket and silent tears started forming in my eyes, eventually spilling down over my cheeks. I had lost everything.

“Hey there… don’t cry,” a voice said. I screamed, and the other passengers glared at me. Except for one passenger. The one sitting next to me. Who told me not to cry.


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