No more pretending: Chp8- forbidden friut

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It’s all too complicating;

I don’t want to leave them on their own,

But i don’t want to be a burden.

I don’t wasn’t to steal a possible meal for Lily,

But i don’t want to die on them.

I think it would just be better if i disappeared, and they forget me...

CHAPTER 8- forbidden fruit

Yesterday had gone and past; i was out riding black again after i very guiltily ate my breakfast and first meal in two days. I couldn’t bare the hungry look in Felix’s eyes after he had finished the insufficient amount of bread. I felt bad nibbling on the my slice, and the pain in my stomach eased after the first morsel. I got up and left the dining room, and before i tacked black up, i had left the rest of my portion of bread on his pillow, awaiting his hungry belly; he was older than me, a man and doing much heavier and harder tasks and chores than me, and it was unfair if i got the same amount.

The soft fingers tips of the wind teased my locks of fair hair, sending shiver sensations through my aching body. I grasped at the hollow feeling in my stomach, regretting not taking another bite of the old bread.

Sighing i kicked black on, i loved the feeling of getting outside the stale castle, feeling the vast open air, without the feeling that the walls could come down upon you at any time.

Without realising it, black had edged nearer the forest, i glance into the dark eeriness. I knew that no one could go into the wood at any time apart from midsummer. The shade of the trees shadowed enough darkness for a phagus. But of course, a bush of rose hips looks ever enticing. My mother likes to Cook it to a pulp with a little water, strain through a jelly bag, and cook with a pound of sugar per pint of liquid like you would for any fruit syrup and you have the legendary rose hip syrup. A luxury for our taste buds.

I edged black forward, letting her hooves pat gently of the ground, the beat of them; irregular, because with each step i would make her pause as indecision racked at my brain.

But with each step i got closer

And closer

And closer

Till my little bony hands grasped greedily at the bountiful gift of the berries. But as my hands grasped around them, i knew they were forbidden fruit, and as in all the tales; for taking the forbidden fruit there is always a consequence... a punishment.

And with the snapping of a twig under foot, i knew my punishment; because, i wasn’t the one that broke the twig...

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