Chapter 5: Aunt Marge, The Parade Balloon

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Chapter 5: Aunt Marge, The Parade Balloon


The door bell rang and Aunt Petunia was now chopping onions for dinner. "Harry, get the door!" she beckoned and Harry ran down. He opened the door to see Harley, "Harley! What are you doing here? I thought you were staying at Hogwarts," Harry hushed his tone at the last word. "Harry, who is it?" Uncle Vernon's voice was heard. "It's me, Harley!" Harley said and smiled at her brother. "Harley, darling, what are you doing here?" Aunt petunia was now in the hall way, wiping her hands with her apron. "My Uncle received a last minute call from his manager and wanted my Uncle to visit England for the summer for some business and asked me if I could stay at your house for some time. He took your word seriously when you said that I could come back anytime but he enrolled me to a summer school so it would seem like I would be no trouble to you," she explained and gave them a letter.

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, 

I am so sorry for the inconvenience but I must leave for England in a short notice and ask if my niece would be of your custody as of the time being I would be in England. I have enrolled her to a summer finishing school for this year so she would be no bother to you during of this time. Thank you for your kind consideration.



Aunt Petunia's thin face lit up like she was handed 1,000,000 Pounds for the year's consumption. "Oh, there would be no trouble at all! We would love to have you," she said. "Harry, get Harley's things and bring it to the room she stayed in last night," Uncle Vernon ordered and both Harry and Harley brought her things upstairs. "So, did you find out what house you're in?" Harry asked. "Yes, Griffindor," Harley answered. "Can I see that letter you gave Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked and after he read it, "Rubeus? As in Hagrid, Rubeus?" he said as he lifted Harley's suitcase on the extra bed. "Yep," Harley said and smiled. "Is he really your-I mean, our-uncle?" Harry asked with a glint of hope in his voice. "No, but how I wish. Dumbledore agreed to use Hagrid's name as my supposed uncle for the letter. That summer finishing school is actually 2 years worth of magic lessons crammed in one summer," Harley sighed and dropped on her bed.

This has been continuing for more than a month until it was the night of the twins' birthday. "Harry, are you still awake?" Harley sat up from her bed and looked at Harry. "Yeah, I am. Happy birthday," Harry whispered. "Yeah, happy birthday to you too," Harley smiled weakly and dangled her feet from the side of the bed. "I'm sorry I didn't get you anything," she said quietly. "I'm sorry I didn't get you a gift too," Harry apologized. Harley went to the window and looked for any figures resembling owls. "Do you know when Hedwig and Lily would come back?" she asked. "Well, Hedwig usually comes back a few days after, weeks, sometimes but they'll be okay," Harry assured his sister and went back to his unmade summer homework. A few minutes passed by and Harley was still standing by the window. "I see them, with 2 other owls," Harley observed and Harry stood up to join Harley near the window. The owls rested on Harley's bed and Harley and Harry placed Lily and Hedwig in their cages after they took off the rolls of parchment with them. They also relieved one owl of its heavy parcel and and placed it with Hedwig. Another handsome tawny, after being taken off of its 2 envelopes took off. They opened the one from the handsome tawny first and surely, it was from Hogwarts. A letter for attending Hogsmeade, a wizard village. Then, they read one from the tired owl and surely, it was from the Weaselys. They have one in the wizard lottery and visited Egypt. Inside of the parcel were 2 objects which Ron said were 2 lie detectors and told them that Percy, one of their brothers, said that it was a fake toy since it went all haywire during one of their dinners but it turned out Fred and George, the Weasely twins, were playing a pranks on him as he ate. The last two were from Hermione and they were separate-each was in each twins' owl. One was for Harry-a broomstick care kit and Harry was as joyous as a little boy who received a red fire truck on his birthday. Harley unwrapped her parcel to see a wooden box and when she opened it, it was an enchanted box filled with books that could fill the library of the world-both Wizard and Muggle. Then she remembered how she told Hermione that books for her was like breathing. The two girls then started talking about their favorite books. They were also planning to meet with the Weaselys and Hermione a few days before they go to Hogwarts in Diagon alley-Ron's getting a new wand. "How are you going to let Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon sign your form?" Harley asked. "I don't know. How are you going to sign yours? They don't know you're their niece," Harry stated. "I'll find a way, now we better get some rest," Harley was already curled up under her sheets. "Good night," Harry then said and did the same.

Harley arrived from Hogwarts again and went up to her room. "Harry, are you here?" she said as she entered the room. Harley found Harry sitting on his bed and looked troubled. "Harry, what's wrong?" Harley sat by her brother. "Aunt Marge is coming to visit. For a whole week!" Harry retorted. "Who's Aunt Marge?" Harley asked. "She's Uncle Vernon's sister. She breeds bulldogs for a living," Harry explained. "Then why do we have to call her 'Aunt'?" Harley asked. "I just have to, actually. The only way I could get my form signed is if I act like a delinquent and I'll be attending St. Bruttus-what's-his-name," Harry rolled his eyes and cupped his face on his hands. "We also have to get rid of anything conspicuous-or shows any signs of magic or strange things," he added. "Well, maybe I could cheer things up a bit... I think," Harley said as she stood up. "Really?" Harry asked. "I guess so. Professor Dumbledore gave me permission to use magic for the summer, but only for charms and spell practicing. I'm not allowed to use it to harm any Muggle. I also asked if you could be my partner for the practice and he approved," Harley said and she saw Harry's face light up just a tad bit. "But that won't let Aunt Marge not stay here for a whole week," he moped but Harley knew there was a slight hint of joy in his voice saying: "Yessss! Magic! At last!!!!!!". Harley went to Harry's bedside table and opened its drawer where he kept his wand and practically jabbed it into his hand. "Are you gonna help me pass 2 years of magic lessons or not?" she asked and she smiled approvingly since she actually got her brother to stop moping.

A few days passed by and Aunt Marge arrived and Harry and Harley had to let Lily and Hedwig out of their cages for a whole week. On the fifth day, Aunt Petunia prepared a delicious dinner. Harley excused herself from the table and stayed near the wall to eavesdrop on what they were going to say. "I can't believe you have to put up with this runt," Marge said. Harley closed her eyes and started to count to ten but before she could count to 5, Margorie went up and at 'em. "If I were you two, I would have let him be. Living in the streets and forget he was even alive!" Harley took three long breaths but once again, interrupted by the fat lady. "It's like breeding, if there's something wrong with the bitch and its blood, nothing could come out good from the bitch. This delinquent's blood is no better than a devil's--" Marge was cut off from her sentence. "No one talks about my family and my family's blood like that!" Harley screeched and the Dudley's looked at her. "Your Family?!" They said in unison. "Yeah, that's right! My family! The one you keep trash talking about! You have no right to talk about my parents and brother about that!" Harley kept going on and on until everyone else in the table noticed Marge going bloated. "What are you doing to my sister?!" Uncle Vernon demanded. "She deserves it for trash talking my brother!" Harley answered and Harry pulled her to their room. "What did you just do?!" Harry asked as he took out his wand and everything he owned went inside his trunk. "I know about the Underage usage of Magic law but I'm not even in Hogwarts yet. It won't make any difference if I use magic. They have the nerve to talk about our parents like that!" Harley frustratedly waved her wand and all her belongings flew to her trunk (which she got from Professor Dumbledore a few days ago). They hauled their trunks and owl cages downstairs when Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon went up to them but remained their distance when Harry and Harley both raised their wand, pointing at them. "Make Marge normal again," Vernon demanded. Harley ignored the demand. "On false move and all of you will be turned into parade balloons, ready for the carnival that will happen soon," she threatened and the twins went outside.

After hauling their things as far as they knew, they were both exhausted. They both sat down when Harley snapped back to her senses. "What are we going to do?! I messed up! Where are we going to stay for the next couple of days before terms start?" Harley panicked but before Harry could answer, they both heard the rustling of leaves and that made them both jump to their feet and point their wands at the sound. Then they heard some engines roar and they didn't know what to do.


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