Ren x Reader Fluff

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Readers POV
Its been months since I meant Ren. He was so kind and so cute but he has a dark side when he uses the shock collar. Sometimes I have nightmares about the body in the basement, but besides that everything was fine.

It was a Friday night and I was getting ready for bed until Ren called me. I was scared but his voice sounded firm and nice, but it still made me anxious. I walked out of my room to the sound of Rens voice. "Ren?" I called out looking for him. Soon he called out to me from the kitchen. "Hey Ren." I said smiling and waving to him. My stomach growled as Ren picked up a bag of pop corn seeds from the counter and spoke "I was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie tonight?" He asked smiling to me. Him smiling to me made me feel butterflies in my stomach. At that point I couldn't tell if it was the food or the butterflies. I thought hard of what he asked, I didn't really want to watch a movie because I was tired and wanted to sleep but i thought again. What if he got mad and would shock me with the collar! My mind chose the words and spoke "Of course Ren how could I ever say no to you!" I said closing my eyes to look as if I was excited. I'm pretty sure he smiled and put the pop corn in the Oven before I opened my eyes. "Can I go get some blankets?" I asked making the most smallest smile I could ever make "sure, if you want." He said as I ran to my bedroom and ripped the blankets off and darted to the living room. I threw the blankets on the couch and went to grab some pillows. I soon threw the pillows on the couch and jumped on the couch laying down.

Ren Soon walked in with a fresh bag of popcorn smiling. "Have any movies in mind that I might have?" He asked "No." I said shaking my head "ok then." He said grabbing a box near by and pulling out a anime movie. You smiled and turned away to the TV to watch him get up and put it in the DVD player. You enjoyed watching the anime with him you haven't watched a movie ever since you meant Ren. His Yellow/Orange eyes put a sparkle to your heart. His ginger hair with his foxy ears made you smile. You were so distracted by him you didn't notice Ren talking to you about the movie. "(Y/N)?" He asked moving is eyebrows up "yeah sorry just a little distracted by the movie." I said. I felt the anxiety float away. I thought he was going to shock me, but he didn't. You blushed thinking if he liked you or something. It just seemed really odd that he didn't shock me because I wasn't paying attention to him. I felt my face turn Red in the thought of him liking me. I mean I know I am his pet but still. I felt Confused, Anxiety, and butterflies again. Could he really like me?

3rd person POV
The two of you kept watching the anime. Your eyes would dart to him and the TV a few times. His Tail curled around you two. It was soft and warm but it slightly tickled you. You smiled as Ren slowly tickled you with his tail. He smiled as well. It had felt like it has been a hour now since you two started the movie but no it has only been 20 minutes of the movie, But the whole 20 minutes you have been spending with Ren filled your heart. You soon reached into the popcorn bag at the same time he did. You two bumped hands but instead of you two grabbing pop corn or pulling away he held your smaller hand to his. Both of your guys faces heated red. How old school you repeated in your head as you two looked at each other before pulling away.

Another 10 minutes had went by and it had felt like another hour had past. By now you and Ren stopped holding hands and kept each others hands to yourselves. Until Ren faked yawned and put his arm around your shoulders. You blushed. You always remembered in 6th grade reading love books all the way to 8th grade. There was a hundred percent chance he liked you, more then a pet, more then a friend, and more like a lover. You realized how old school he was being by putting the old school trick with the hand around shoulder thing and giggled. Soon you both made eye contact. His yellow/orange ones looking into yours. He soon slid his hand on your thigh and snuggled your neck. You didn't understand what he was doing until you noticed on the TV was a Sexy Scene between two lovers. You blushed in the thought that might have turned Ren on. "Hehe.." you giggled slightly with a fake smile has Ren kept rubbing up and down your thigh as he snuggled your neck. "Hey Ren, maybe we should calm down and go to bed?" You said sweating and scared. He put his head up and glared at you. "No!" He yelled before going back to snuggling your neck. He rapped his hands around your neck and lifted his head and pulled you onto his lap.

💖Fluff ahead💖
He started kissing you licking your bottom lip repeatedly for you to open your mouth for entrance. You opened your mouth and he started exploring the new cave. He licked up and down your mouth. You two pulled apart his and yours drool came down your mouth. He smirked and grabbed your (No No sQuArE) private property. Which was your crouch. You blush has he pulled you closer. He pushed you off of him and pinned you to the bed throwing the covers over you two.

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