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hey guys!

i've been thinking of rewriting this book completely. it's gotten waaaay more angsty that i'd intended (especially ro and elwin).

trust me, it did not start off in my head that way. blame my very dark head for it.

anyway, i'll be putting up a notice in this book when the rewrite is out.

just for your info, here are all the plot twists i planned on using:

1. ro wasn't actually dead. she was the neverseen's prisoner. i'd planned to write a couple of chapters in her pov, but not mention any actual names, so you wouldn't be able to guess who she was.

2. glimmer was meant to be a long-lost song triplet. sue me. i love that theory.

3. biana was meant to die by keefe's hand (or is it eye?)

4. livvy and quinlin would've got back together.

5. alden would have been a member of the neverseen.

6. this would have probably been more of a theorizing book than a kam one.

that's all :)

have a lovey day/night/etc. and remember i love you


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