Fight Between Two Generals

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-3rd Person POV-

Up in the sky, a handsome man wearing a golden samurai uniform(?) With a bat-like wings on his back, holding an unconscious 13 years old boy on his arm.

General Paimon stared at the man in shock, fear started to appear on his face but it quickly disappeared.

General Paimon revealed a cruel smile as he stared at the man holding Seiya.

"Kekeke~ well, well, well. If it isn't General Balam, The Phantom Blade. It is an honor that the 3rd ranking Upper General is the one who is sent to fight me."

General Balam just ignore him and took out a vial of Phenex tears and used it on Seiya.

Almost instantly, Seiya's injuries healed and he quickly regained his consciousness, despite being out of his Yin-Yang Sage mode, his ki still helped in his recovery.

"Well, looks like your doing fine brat. Take this Phenex tears and go find and reattach your arm." Said General Balam.

Seiya took the Phenex tears and thanked him before he went down to search for his missing arm.

"Cresly Paimon you brat, I'll definitely going to beat the hell out of you! You dare betray us just because you have a Super Class Demonic Power?! Even with that, you wouldn't stand a chance against me!"

"Arrogant! I'll show you! I'm going to kill Lord Asmodeus and take his seat as a Satan! I am the strongest devil alive!!"

General Balam just clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Take his seat as a Satan? Go ahead, that bald man will be more than happy to lend it to you! He's too lazy for the job of a Satan.

Kill him? Dream on! Unless you became a full-fledge Super Devil, you wouldn't stand a chance of even putting a scratch on him!"

"Enough talk, let this fight decide whether I stand a chance or not!"

General Paimon immediately initiated the attack. He appeared in front of General Balam almost instantly and threw a punch with his wind armor active.

Despite being confident of his strength, General Balam dared not to underestimate the power behind General Paimon's fist.

He covered his sword with demonic energy and blocked the punch before sending out a kick.

General Paimon was sent flying away by the force of the kick. General Balam quickly followed him and swing his sword to cut him down.

General Paimon knew he couldn't evade so he created a thick tornado and covered himself.

General Balam's blade couldn't get through and he was even pushed back by the force of the tornado.

"Hm? What a tough defence you have, but still far-cry from Lord Asmodeus' absolute defense."

"Damn you!! Don't compare me to him!! I'm better than that man!!"


A powerful wind gathered around General Paimon's hands as he pushed his arms forward, and a large tornado that blasted away all the trees and devastated the land down below shot towards General Balam.

Yet, even with this terrifying attack, General Balam remained calm. He had encountered many attacks much more terrifying than this.

He put his hand on his sword and slightly bend his body forward, preparing to break General Paimon's attack with a good 'ol quickdraw.


General Balam stared at the approaching tornado and took a deep breath, then, as the tornado was about to hit him, he disappeared.


General Paimon stared as his attack completely vanish out of thin air. Then, he felt a terrifying presence behind, slowly, he turn around, and saw General Balam with his back facing him.

General Balam turned his head and glared at General Paimon and said, "We have found evidence of your involvement on Khaos Brigade, your crime is punishable by death."



Then, General Paimon's head separated from his body.

Thus, the fight between the two Generals has been concluded, with General Paimon's death.

(An: the picture above is General Balam's appearance)

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