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"You guys are mean."
You pouted, crossing your arms over your chest as you watched the two boys in front of you have their fun.

"How is it mean?"
Raihan laughed, ducking the 'sword' that Leon swung at him.

You took in a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down before you got mad at your two best friends. This was the usual, why should you be mad? Either way, Leon would soon make raihan see what he's doing wrong and choose a different game.

Princess and princes just wasn't a game you liked.

"Come on raihan."
Leon sighed. There it is, the purple haired cutie coming to save your day.
"She's bored!"

The dark haired boy turned to look at you whom grumpily sat on the 'throne', 'thorns' and 'chains' keeping you down. In reality, this cheap kiddy chair and itchy rope was beginning to make you extremely uncomfortable.

"Can't you wait a bit more?"
He pleaded.
"I'm about to save you!"

Leon's eyes widened as he let out a hearty laugh.
"You?! Save her?! I don't think so! I'm going to save her!"

And back to fighting they were, throwing the cardboard tubes in every direction and making weird noises as they 'clashed their swords'.

You watched as they hit each other repeatedly, almost letting a laugh escape your mouth.

Alas, you were successful in hiding your humour from the two.

That is until Leon bonked raihan on the head.

The impact let a weird sound emit from the cardboard weapon, raihan's face falling still as he stared back at Leon whom looked back with the same surprised look. Neither of them moved. Not until your laughter rang through their ears.

Both boys looked back at you whom sat laughing your ass off at the surprised faces of the boys, tears escaping your eyes as you clutched your now aching stomach.

You laughed.

The boys' lips contorted into amused smiles, almost as bright as your as they turned back to look at each other. Same thought running through their heads.

"Bonk battle?"
Leon smirked, gripping onto the cardboard confidently as Raihan chuckled.

"You're on!"

The sun still shone brightly above in the sky when both boys fell to the ground laughing along with you. The bonk battle having taken a turn when you managed to wriggle out of the chair and run away from the two whom tried to bonk you instead. Surely, you three would get complaints from neighbours about your loud behaviour but none of you could care right now.

Calming down from your laughing fit, the three of you stared up at the clouds above, the fluffy scenery making it perfect for cloud watching.

"That one looks like a duck."
Raihan pointed out, earning laughs from you and Leon whom agreed with the rather odd shape.

Smiling brightly, you basked in the presence of your friends. Enjoying the breeze that flew by you as you listened to them talk.

"What do you guys wanna be when we grow older?"
Leon questioned suddenly, having both you and Raihan turn to him as he smiled.
"I wanna be the best Pokémon trainer ever."

Raihan let out a chuckle as he patted his friend's back.

"Sorry Leon, but I'm going to be the best Pokémon trainer. There's always second best though!"
He cheered.

You rolled your eyes at the boy's ignorant ways, already knowing it would spike up yet another argument if you didn't butt in soon enough.

"I wanna work at a flower shop."
You shrugged, watching how both boys turned back at you with surprised and curious looks.

"I never knew you were into flowers."
Leon commented, Raihan nodding along.

You shrugged your shoulders, looking back up at the clouds above you.
"I'm not into them if I'm honest, but flowers always seem to make everyone else happy so I wanna give out the prettiest!"
You cheered.

Both boys shared a confused look before smiling along with you, Leon giving your head a pat as Raihan sent you a smile from besides the purple haired boy.

"You'll sell the most beautiful flowers out there!"
Raihan agreed.

"No doubt about that."
Leon laughed.

Smiling at the two boys, you nodded your head.
"And when you both become the best Pokémon trainers, I'll send you both the most beautiful flowers every day!"

Those times were always amusing to you. Whenever you looked back on them you always found yourself scoffing at the innocence you three held.

All the promises, dreams and hopes you three had for your futures together. It was amusing really.


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