Chapter 24

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We say goodbye to my grandfather and he promised to visit us soon. I'm sad, I was going to miss him and all the friends that I made here who worked for him. I was crying so much that I didn't even realize we got into the limousine. I look around and see that my father was there but not my stepmother....or Katherine for that matter. "Where's Elizabeth and where's Katherine?....No, don't tell me let me guess. They decided to go to Paris to do shopping and Katherine can't wait to get her nails into the nearest rich Frenchman am I right?" I asked. "No, not exactly. Katherine has already been shipped back and is being dealt with as we speak." Vincenzo says. "Do I want to know what that means?" I asked. "No, probably not. So let's just leave it as a need to know basis and you don't need to know." Vincenzo says. "Got you old man I completely understand." I say train to the window. "Old man? I'll show you old man. As soon as we get onto that plane of ours doll face." Vincenzo explains as he runs my hand on his clothes cock. I remove my hand and glare playfully at my husband. "Elizabeth then?" I turn asking my father.

"Well, honey, She was sent back home with a few of Vincenzo's men to clear out her belongings from the house. Her and I are going to get a divorce." He explains. "A divorce why Papa?" I asked. "Well, I didn't like how she spoke to you." He said. "Plus It's not like I truly ever loved her. When you said that in your room that day about you sacrificing yourself because I would die if she would be taken from me. It got me thinking. Is there anybody in my life that as a result of them being taken that would cause me any kind of pain or death. It would be you princess. Always has and always will." My father explained. "You are the only thing in this world that I truly love. Besides your mother. God Rest her soul. Well now you and this baby. I can't believe I'm going to be a grandfather." My father said with delight in his voice. "I am actually sorry. You deserve nothing but happiness father. One day you'll find someone who will make you truly happy. I just know it and if anything you could hook up with Maria. I always thought that you two would be good together but it might have been a little girl's fantasy. For she was the closest thing to a mother to me." I explained.

"It's very funny that you should say that my dear." He smirked. "Why why is it funny?" I asked. "About a year after your mother passed up until I met Elizabeth... Marie and I were very good friends and I had pondered asking her to marry me. I just never thought she actually cared for me in that way." He explained. "It wasn't until I announce my engagement to Elizabeth. That she looked heartbroken. I immediately wanted to take the engagement back, but at that time I didn't want to anyone to hurt and I thought Elizabeth was a good woman. Throughout our years of marriage Elizabeth was always jealous of Maria and mine's friendship. Always making slide remarks saying that we were cheating with each other. When we weren't. Maria has been nothing but been professional and a good friend. Now that I've seen Elizabeth true colors and I do not want her anywhere around my life or yours....I want to pursue my feelings for Maria if she'll have me it's totally her choice." My father explained. I launched myself at him hugging him. Crying like a blubbering idiot.

"What's wrong with you Dollface? Are you okay?" Vincenzo comes behind me all worried as my father starts to pat my back trying to calm me. "I'm fine. I'm just so happy. I know she will return your feelings. She's has always loved you. You could see it in her eyes and when two people love each other that much they belong together. Nothing should stand in your way. People that madly in love deserve happiness." I say as I sob to my father's shoulder.

Vincenzo lifts me on his lap and I rest my head on his shoulder. He holds me tightly. "Be still my love. Everything will be fine. Your father will be happy. Now that he has that wicked woman is out of his life and there is a new grandchild on the way." Vincenzo says. "Sleep now. Because if not, I don't think I can control myself anymore. With how cute your being with your little emotional rollercoaster and your beautiful pregnant body all crying over happiness It's oddly sexy and it's making little Vinny stand at attention." He says. I lightly smack his chest. "You can't say that kind of stuff. My father's right there." I Explain.

"I can't say what kind of stuff? Like I want to put my magic wand in your treasure box. Or I want to play baseball and I have the bat with two balls and you have a nice fitting glove that I just want to hit a home run with." He explains with a smirk. "Vincenzo stop." I say. "Fine, I'll stop saying all those things but since I can't say them can we at least do them? I don't mind if your father's here or not. I've always thought sex should be a spectator sport. Especially the way we make a show of it." He laughs. "I cannot stand you ever again. I am so divorcing you we are done. We are through end of story chapter over book done. Goodbye." I say.

"Sweetie, let's be real. We're never going to be done. You're stuck with me for the rest of your life and you want to know why? Not only because I love you and you love me but because you've got that good good and I'm the best at dicken it down." He smirks.

"What does that even mean?" My father asked And I go beet red. Hiding my face into Vincenzo's neck. Vincenzo starts to laugh wholeheartedly. "Nothing for you to worry about, Sir. Just something for your daughter. Isn't that right baby doll?" He asks, but I ignore him.

Slowly drifting off to sleep not having energy to continue this conversation with him.... falling into a dream state where Vincenzo is now dicken me down thanks.....

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