Chapter 35: Found Her

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I couldn't take it anymore Ranz was crying, I'm crying. I just wanted to comfort him. I hugged him so tight that I was actually the one saying to stop.

" Shhh! I'm so sorry Ranz! I'm so sorry! Please don't continue!" I subbed.

I felt his arm are now around my waist " No! I had to continue. Brier is your friend so you have the right to know everything! The real reason why I did that!"

Danielle's POV:

It's official Ranz Cole is actually crying because of Brier and right now I'm also crying...

After our crying and hugging moments Ranz finally decided to continue his story. I told him not to but he kept insisting but the truth is I wanna know the real reason.

" Before my mother died she told me to promise her that I'm gonna be an alpha no matter what so my father wouldn't be blind by the powers.

I actually don't want to be an Alpha I just wanted to be a regular wolf but I loved my mother so much and she was actually right about my father being blind by his powers. He actually forgot that he had a family and he didn't even care about my mother. My mother died and he didn't even showed up. So from that day I promise myself that I will be an Alpha no matter what." He said while clenching his fist.

I could really see there is so much anger in Ranz face everytime he talked about his family.

" My life was actually dark and I started being a bad boy but only the outfits because I wanted to show my father that I'm a fierce one and Brier... well she became the light that lighted my life to help me realize that there is more than life about this." He smiled.

" Why does your father hate Brier for the fact he wanted to kill her?" I asked with full concern. I had to ask I wanna know of all people, Brier. I mean Brier never did something wrong with us.

Ranz took a deep breath and looked at me " Well just like you and Xander, My mom and Brier's father were actually bestfriends and that's were they got Brier's name. My Mother's name was Brianna and Brier's Father is Peter. " Bri for my mom and er for Peter. "

Wow! I could actually relate in this story! I actually wanna talk but I also wanna here the whole story.

" When Brier's Mom died in gaving birth. They still became close, well they are closer than ever! Peter would comfort my mom everytime she is sad and my father got jealous and thought that my mom was cheating on him.

But Brier's Mother never got jealous in their relationship, she was actually glad that even though she would passed away she know that there is someone who would take good care of her family!" he continue

" Did you ever get jealous?" I ask out of curiosity

" Of What?" Ranz ask confused

" You know? about your mom's relationship with Peter?"

" why would I get jealous?" Ranz chuckled and I gave him an I don't know look.

" No! Because I was thankful if it wasn't for their closeness I would never met Brier and at the same time I know that there is someone who would take care of my mother."

" Wow! You must have loved your mother?" I asked and he nodded

" I will do anything and everything to have a family again."

Just then something came up and Ranz saw it so he asked me about it.

" Then what made you change your mind? I mean before you wanted to be an alpha so bad now you chose to be a rogue than to be an alpha" I quickly asked.

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