Chapter 7

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*Back at the Do's place *

Bongki's POV
I knocked on Bongsoon's door, when she didn't answer I just opened it and walked into her room, she was laying on the bed looking at the ceiling, she turned to me and went back to facing the ceiling, it was quiet for awhile and I then decided to break the silence
"So are we going to talk about what happened downstairs" once again she turned to me and went back to looking at the ceiling
"You know she left crying, you really hurt her feelings" her eyes were still on the ceiling looking as she had not intention to talk to me
"Are you not going to say anything because while your looking at that ceiling one of your best friends is heartbroken because you couldn't accept are relationship" she finally sat up straight and looked me dead in the eyes
"A best friend wouldn't date her friends brother and even so keep it a secret for 2 years"
She finally spoke out
"Can't you just accept that we genuinely love each other, she been your best friend since junior high you can't just drop your friendship, why are you so upset about us being together anyways" I whispered the last sentence under my breath but she still heard it
"I'm upset because she's going to go live with you and you guys will spend everyday together she will forget about me and would only want to be with you, and then you won't come to any dinners and you would only be with her, you guys are practically taking each other away from me" it became silent between us when I finally said
"You know that never going to happen we both love you and this family to much to ever drift apart from it, so where not going to leave you we will just be living together we will still come to family dinners and we would still have time to spend with you guys, just talk to her she really was hurt by your words" I finished of saying
She silently thought for a moment and said
"Your right, ugggghh I cant believe I made her cry, do you think she would forgive me?" She asked panicking a little
"In all honestly she would always forgive you, she once told me no matter what you would do or what you say she will always forgive you because she think you are someone to precious for her to lose" I replied with a smile on my face knowing everything will be okay hopefully
"Now you wanna watch whatever is on tv mom wants you to crack the walnuts she had downstairs" I told her
"Ughhhhhhhh whatever let's go" we went downstairs and spent the rest of the evening just watching tv and talking to each other.

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