Chapter 8

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*Back To Dohee*
I saw a bunch of girls surrounding what seems like a small group of boys theuy were about 7 of them and one looked like he was about to have a panic attack I walked up to them and spoke out
"Yo what are you guys doin bothering these boys" a few girls turn to me and gave me dirty looks, mind you these girls looked like they were in high school
"YAH who do y'all think your glaring at learn some manners hey leave them alone can't you see that little boy finna have a panic attack" they ignored me once again I kept telling them to leave the boy alone until one of them spoke "Yah old lady who do you think you are bossing us around it's none of your business get lost" and that's when I lost it
"IF YALL DON'T GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM IMMA FINNA CALL THE COPS MAYBE EVEN SUE YOU ALL FOR HARASSMENT, NOW GET LOST" I pushed them all away from the boys and took out my phone acting like I was really going to call the police. All the girls finally started to leave only leaving me and these small children even tho some where taller than me. "Hey are you okay" I asked the kid who was looking panicked,
"Yea, thank you" he responded
I finally looked at the rest of them and asked "so why where those girls surrounding y'all"
"They were trying to get autographs and pictures" one of them answered
"Oh are you guys like celebrities or something?"
"Yeah were Kpop Idols" the kid with the red hair responded
"Ahhhhh like BigBang and SHINee?" I asked them
"Yeah" they all responded
"Well okay, so what are your names?"
"I'm Jaemin"
"I'm RenJun"
"I'm Jeno"
"I'm the oldest Mark"
"I'm Haechan" Haechan said showing a "v" sign
"I'm Chenle"
"I'm Jisung the maknae"
"And we are NCT Dream" they all said together bowing.
"Awwww you guys are so adorable, any ways I'm Dohee, I'm a lawyer so if y'all need to sue someone or get yourself out of something just hit me up" I introduced myself to them giving them my business card
"So like how old are you guys you look pretty young"

"I was born in 1999, Jaemin, Jeno, RenJun, and Haechan were all born in 2000, Chenle was born in 2001, and Jisung was born in 2002" Mark told me
"Wow you guys are young still little babies I'm old I was born in 1990" (a/n I don't know how old anyone is in the Drama so imma make it up)
"Wow but you look so young" Chenle said as they all nodded along
"Thank you, but looks can always deceive people, always remember that" I told them "anyways what are you guys doing out here?"
"We came to look for a Walnut Bakery, one of our hyung's said it was was a really good place and that we should try it out but we kinda got lost" Haechan answered
"Oh I know exactly where that place is, I just need to go to the store to grab a few things and I can show you guys where it is" I said to them, they all nodded their heads agreeing with me and we all started to head to the store. As we got in to the store I suddenly got a call from Bongki.

~This was also kinda ass,  also this all takes place when the drama was made, so around 2017 so the boys are still very young

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