All Hers

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She is genuine of her feelings.

If she laughs, she really finds you funny.

If she smiles, she appreciates you.

If she is caught day - dreaming, she is in her most imaginative moment

If she bit her lip, she likes you.

If she does not smile nor frown, she is deeply thinking.

If she cannot look at your eyes, she either wants you away or she is just shy and have feelings to you.

If you caught her looking, either she finds you weird, bad, unkind or interesting, bet she's observing

If she started tapping her fingers, she just heard her favorite songs on her earphones.

If she calls you by your last name, it means she is a little bit angry already.

If she is sleeping at noontime, she is tired and needs rest.

If she started to dance, it means she needs an outlet for her emotions.

If she hugs you tight, you are her true friend

If she tells you she cried the other night it means she trusts you.

If she laughs excessively, she is either genuinely so happy or she is hiding the fact that she is in pain.

If she pinches you, it means she cares for you.

If she does things, observe because to her all have meanings.

And she does it genuinely.

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