Chapter 6

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Bongki's POV
As I was celebrating with my parents and Gukdoo in the kitchen I suddenly heard Bongsoon "You could have at least told me!!!" her voice started rising as it also caught Gukdoo and my parents' attention
"We weren't ready to tell anyone" I heard Dohee calmly say I went into the living room with everyone else and sat next to Dohee taking her hand, then Bong Soon finally snapped at her

"I CANT BELIEVE YOU, YOU'VE BEEN DATING MY BROTHER BEHIND MY BACK FOR SO LONG AND DIDN'T EVEN DECIDE TO TELL ME, AISH I HATE YOU" as she finished she went to go to her room and left me and everyone else shocked, besides Dohee who was silently crying.
I finally got my senses back and start to comfort Dohee
"It's okay babe don't worry about it she was just a little shock that all' I tried to clam her down but it just wasn't working. She kept crying and whispering something under her breathe which I couldn't quite understand, until she stood up and ran out our house, ignoring us who were calling her name
"Don't worry I'll go get her and take her home" Gukdoo said.
I nodded responding "Please make sure she is okay for me" he nodded and went after his sister and I went to go talk to mine.

Dohee POV

"She hates me" I whispered under my breath while balling my eyes out "she really fucking hates me" I couldn't take it anymore and ran out of the Do's household ignoring everyone's calls I went up the stairs and sat in front of the wall and just kept crying. When I finally started to calm down I saw my brother come up the stairs he looked at me, bent down and hugged me not saying anything. When I finally calmed down we both stood up, it was silent for awhile until he decided to speak up "are you okay"
I looked at him and responded with "bitch do I look okay"
"No actually you look exactly like when you cried because you finally found out I was a boy and not a girl" he attacked back chuckling a little
"Yeah that was a pretty sad day" I looked up to my brother and asked if we can go home and he agreed.

~~~Time Skip Brought To You By Chenle's Dolphin Laugh~~~

As I got home I got out of my work clothes and put on some comfortable ones

As I got home I got out of my work clothes and put on some comfortable ones

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Which were a pair of shorts and a hoodie I stole from Bongki. I went downstairs and went to look if there were any snacks only to find out there were none, so I decided to buy some. I grabbed my purse and headed out to the nearest store. As I was making my way (a/n downtown walking fast
faces pass and I'm home bound; sorry) to the store I passed the park only to see a big crowd.

-I'm sorry this is late I was in the hospital last week and couldn't get this chapter done.

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