The Reason I'm A Nerd And The Scientific Equation To Why I'm Not A Supermodel

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Hey guys, this is my first story and I hope it's at least kind of interesting. i know it won't be my best story but comments and stuff are still very, very much appreciated! 

xx  ~Maddy~

Chapter 1 ~

My life has never been exciting. Ive always was the nerdy type of girl who will never come out of her shell. I get good grades and have no friends. I have a crush on a guy from the footy team (the typical popular guy) Lucas and I am a girl who is enemies with any make up and electronic device, as well as the (typical) popular girl Amy. Hi my names Maryann Dawson and im fifteen years old(the song Taylor swift sings about) I have massive thick brown hair and green eyes with a thousand to many freckles, I attend Hossile High school im in year nine,  I decided to start keeping a diary hoping one day it will turn into an interesting book for some girl wishing to break out of her shell. But at this rate, I will still be fifty and wishing the same wishes I wish today.

Monday 1st of May

Today was a typical Maryann day, went to school, sat there quietly, hoping just hoping Lucas would come up to me and confess he’s love. Of course I've only talked to the guy once, (corridor incident) but he’s gorgeous I can just imagine he’s tan hand up against my locker staring into my green eyes with he’s amazing blue eyes. Wearing the school uniform only he can look good, while the other girls swoon over him shooting at me with jealous stares while he just knocks the stares back like they are just a tiny fly that doesn’t mean a thing. I was in this day dream the whole lunch whilst pretending to be ever so interested in Jane Eyre, a book I’ve only read a hundred times. Only glancing above my book to get a good view of the football field where Lucas was clowning around with he’s friends. From the tree I sit at, I can see everything. But being in this spot isn’t all a dream because ants tend to walk around the tree and ever so uncomfortably up my legs. But just the same as any other day I yet again found it hard to ignore all the snide geeky remarks from Amy and her clones. When will they ever get that I don’t care what they say and their really just wasting their ‘precious’ time and breath on something, or someone I should say, that is fully ignoring them! Than like usual I walked home, and there awaited my mum to give me about five hundred daily chores. My mum (name is Karen) is Part French and part Australian. My mum met my dad in one of her holidays outside of Australia and how everybody explains it, it was love at first sight, but as I pretend I don’t care about their Icky romance stories im quietly listening and dreaming that one day that would happen to me. my dad (Angelo) is Italian but moved to Australia when he was seventeen because he wanted to work in the Australian food industry. He owns his own restaurant and I only see him twice a week at most. So every other minute my mum is shopping and chatting to her exotic friends, while I have to clean, study and be the best daughter in the world! (barf) I get sick of it though, who wouldn’t. Every day I come home and its “Maryann wash the dishes we have guests”! or “Maryann do the laundry!”. I never get a day off and I only get paid five dollars pocket money a week. She does nothing except cook simple dishes for dinner. Sometimes my 21 year old sister, rose, helps me but she is usually at university studying law. She hopes one day shell be one of those really high paid power women who has a nanny who looks after her children’s say good luck to her but that means that whatever I want to do with my life is limited to Cooking. Which I must say I suck at. I mean I really, really suck, I burnt two minute noodles and you would expect a self-entitled nerd would know how to use an easy step microwave. Well your expectations are to high. Another bonus I learnt from that incident, besides learning not the put plastic inside the microwave for what I thought was 2 minutes but adding an extra zero, but my mum refused to pay me for a month. Yes this is my typical day.

Tuesday 2nd of may

Tonight im watching The Vampire Diaries, luckily this is not a night I see my Dad because I have the television all to myself because my mum is in the study (that used to be my sisters old room) searching for the latest fashion in France (you’d think they could raise my pocket money seeing as she spends more than a thousand a month on clothes?) But unfortunately my short lived good fortune ended half way through the episode when im almost screaming at the television thinking ‘why the hell did Elena just kiss Damien’? when my mum comes in and tells me to go to bed because its late. “Mum are you kidding me its only nine o’clock and every other normal teenager goes to be at, at lest 11!”

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