● Control ●

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I went back downstairs after ending a call. Blair had walked out of the room,

Giving me privacy.

Sighing deeply, I ran a hand through my hair and walked past everyone, going to the kitchen.

My eyes landed on Jordan.

I immediately felt something go off inside of me and I tried to hold myself back from killing him.

He sat on the couch, next to Blair. His arm was thrown around her shoulders and he laughed at something she said.

My mind became hazy and I cut off all of my emotions and thoughts.

I walked into the kitchen and out the back door quietly, hoping nobody followed me.

Outside was dark and cold, the setting matched my mood perfectly.

I walked down to the Lake and sat on a chair I had them place there.

Leaning back, I stared up at the sky.

I massaged my temple, sighing as I felt someone approaching.

I knew who it was, just by listening to the sound of her footsteps.

She always walked in perfect timing with her heartbeat, something she doesn't realize that she does.

I felt her stand behind me, then she placed her hands on my shoulders and I closed my eyes.

Control, Lucifer.

Do not lose it.

"Hey." She said, stepping closer as her arms looped around my neck.

"Hm." I answered shortly and emotionlessly.

I heard her sigh, then she walked infront of me and sat at the edge of the water.

I looked back up at the stars, losing myself in my own thoughts.

"I wish you would let me in." She said softly, so quietly I almost didn't hear her.

I knew what she was talking about, only a foolish person wouldn't.

"He made Matteo hurt you." I told her, tilting my head back down and watching as she stood up quickly.

"What?" She asked. A shocked look was planted on her face. "How?" She walked closer.

"Matteo said so himself." I massaged my temple, eyeing her closely.

Her scent lingered in the wind, a sign of assurance that she was close.

The moonlight shone down on her face, illuminating every beautiful feature.

"No..." She replied, shaking her head.

"Would I lie to you?" I asked nonchalantly, rolling my eyes.

Her eyes looked at mine, searching for something within my soul.

But then her eyes softened as realization hit her.

You could never find anything in my eyes.

"No." She answered quietly, still sounding shocked.

"Come here." I said, patting my lap.

She looked at me, debating perhaps, before she walked over and sat.

She adjusted herself, leaning her head on my shoulder.

I wrapped my arm around her, leaving a kiss on her neck and she instantly shivered.

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