● Lake House ●

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I pulled up to the supposed 'Lake House', to find a small broken down Cabin.

Sighing, I glanced down at a sleeping Blair when I parked.

Her long eyelashes casted shadows on her cheeks and her head was still tilted up.

Her black hair laid messily over her face and my shoulder.

Fucking beautiful.

She looked so peaceful. That's the only thing that keeps me at ease.

I brushed a few strands out of her face and kissed her head.

I placed her back in the passenger seat carefully and got out of the car just as Dale pulled up.

Absentmindedly, I reached into my pocket for a cigarette.

When I realized that I didn't bring any because of her, I sighed and leaned against my car.

"What the fuck is this!?" Dale shouted angrily, looking at the Cabin.

"Homeless Shelter." I said nonchalantly and through his anger, he laughed.

He shook his head and his boyfriend came out of his car.

"Dale, you paid for this?" He asked, not taking his eyes off of the house.

"Of course I fucking paid for it!" Dale exclaimed loudly, earning a smack.

Sighing, I pulled out my phone and made a call to my staff.

I doubt she'd want to stay here.

I walked away and walked back over when I was finished.

"Follow." I told them, pointing to my car.

They looked at me skeptically and I rolled my eyes, getting back in the car.

Blair's eyes slightly opened and she looked over at me.

Her eyes are one of the things I admire the most about her. The way they light up.

Something inside of me switches everytime I see them.

It feels like I'm being restrained by myself from ever being cruel to her.

"Zayn, where are we going?" She asked tiredly as I pulled out of the driveway.

"Somewhere else." I finished and she nodded slowly.

She sank in her seat and groans came from the backseat, indicating that the others were awake.

"Are we there yet?" I heard the girl ask and I didn't answer.

I hate being questioned. Explaining myself to people is worthless.

I saw Blair look over at me from in the corner of my eyes.

She gave me a look, something that I thought was amusing.

The way she controls me by just looking at me, is priceless to watch.

I looked back at her emotionlessly, not letting her see what I really felt.

How could she see good in a monster like me?

I've killed men, women, children...

My heartless ways will only ruin her.

If she doesn't ruin me first.

I drove for a while longer, knowing the roads like the back of my hand.

Soon, we pulled up to my Safe House.

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