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My name is L/N Y/N... and this is S/N... my little sister. We got into an car accident. My sister and I are lucky to be able to survive. But our parents... they are not so fortunate. We are left orphaned because of that...

I still remember that day... it's so fresh in my mind, like it just happened yesterday. I still get nightmare over it.


It was raining. We are on our way back home from the hospital. My mom just gave birth to my newborn sister.

I'm sitting at the backseat of a car, my little sister sleeping in my arms, along with my older brother next to me. I smile as I watch my sister sleeping. She was just born 3 days ago.

I look up and see my mom is looking at us. She have a huge smile on her face. "What?" I asks. "You are going to be the best sister, sweetie..." she said. This makes me smile happily. "I'll definitely will... I will protect S/N with all my life!" I said. "Hey what about me?" B/N said, pouting slightly. I laugh at him and pat his shoulder. "I'm sure you'll be the best brother... you already are the best brother for me..." I said. He grins at me and pat my head.

Then S/N wakes up and starts crying. My dad turns to look at us, but it was a bad timing. He didn't see the car speeding towards us. My eyes widened as I saw the car.

"DAD WATCH OUT!!!" I scream. I cover S/N as best I could, hoping I could protect her from the crash. I feel my bother pulls us into a hug, covering me. I can feel the impact, and the car got turned upside down.

I'm still holding S/N in my arms. She's crying really hard. I check her body to see for any injuries. I let out a sigh of relief when I see she only have a small cut. I pat her back "it's okay... you're okay..." I said softly.

I turn to the window and kick it with all my might to get it open. After a few kicks I manage to open it. Then I cover S/N with my jacket so she won't get cut by the shattered glasses.

Once I'm finally out. I walk towards the front seat and kneel down. "Mom? Dad? B/N? Are you guys okay?" I said. But I got no response. "Mom! Dad! B/N?!" I scream. "Oh my God..." I mutter, clutching my hair in my hand as the other is still carrying S/N.

I stand straight and take out my phone. I call the ambulance. I keep trying to calm S/N down. But she just keeps on crying.

The ambulance arrives and walk up to us. "Please help my parents..." I said, crying softly. I pat S/N's back softly. They pull my parents out and proceed to check on them.

He looks up at me with a sad expression. "I'm sorry. Your parents didn't make it..." he said. Tears stream down my cheeks. "No... they can't... they can't leave me..." I cried. I hug S/N tightly, but not too tight. "I can't believe it... they're gone... you're all I have now S/N..." I said.

A nurse approach us. "Come on... let's get you to the check up... you're bleeding..." she said. I didn't say a thing. She takes S/N out of my arm and leads us to the ambulance.

I just sit in silent, as the nurse cleans the wound in my arms and bandage it. "You're lucky... there are no deep wounds..." she said. "But my parents and brother isn't..." I said. She pulls me into a hug and hug pat my back softly.

End of Flashback

I snap out of my thought by the sound of crying. I quickly stand up and sped walk towards my sister's room. She's 1 years old now. I pick her up from her cradle. "Hey... your sister is here... it's okay... it's okay..." I cooed softly. She slowly starts to calm down.

She looks up at me. "Sis... crying..." she said, wiping the tears. That's when I realize, I am crying. I smile and kiss her head. "I'm okay... you can sleep now..." I said, swaying her softly. Her eyes gets droopy and she fell asleep. I stare at her sleeping face and smile.

"You are all I have now... I swear on my life that I'll always protect you..." I said. Then I lay her back in her cradle. I pull the blanket until it's up her neck. I lean down and kiss her forehead.

Then I head to the bed, and lay down. I turn to my side so I'm facing S/N's cradle and close my eyes. Then I slowly drift off to sleep.

*to be continued*

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