Pasha - Chapter Thirty

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Hot and cold flashed through Pasha's body

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Hot and cold flashed through Pasha's body. Was she going to fire him after all? He was still trying to wrap his head around Alyssa's letter, trying to come up with some way to be with her. He stepped back to let Tyler enter. Rather than facing his friend, he stared into his bag and then folded Alyssa's letter, tucking it into his pocket. "Schedule change?"

"In a way, yeah." Tyler scratched the back of his head. "This is Mia's idea, and she didn't come because she thought she'd cry if she talked to you about it. But I'm just going to say upfront that no one is forcing you to do anything. We can just keep on going the way we are."

Pasha frowned and met Tyler's gaze. "Okay." What was going on?

Tyler took a deep breath. "Jazz is suing Mia for wrongful dismissal. She's not going to win, but for whatever reason, she's decided to make our life difficult."

"Is she firing me?"

"No." Tyler gave a sharp shake of his head. "But Taryn and Rebecca suggested Jazz's case might be more straightforward if you weren't employed with Mia anymore."

"But you're not firing me?" He rubbed a hand down his face. If they fired him, could he hop on a plane and get to Alyssa before she left for Sarah Telling's tour rehearsal? "My visa is for Mia."

"Actually, that's not quite right. Your visa is with M and T Productions. Our lawyer says you can switch individual supervisors within the umbrella of M and T Productions because you're still employed by the same entity in essentially the same role."

"You want me to work for someone else?" His patience for this conversation was wearing thin. Alyssa's name was a drum beat at the back of his head, and his fingers itched to call her, get to her, tell her she had it all wrong.

"Until this blows over and only if you're comfortable with the switch."

"Yes. Fine." He nodded his head. "But I need a few days." He'd prefer weeks, perhaps months. If all he could have were days, he'd take those. He'd go to Alyssa and they'd figure out a way forward.

Tyler frowned. "You're not going to ask who you're working for or what you're doing?"

"I have something I need to do. Whatever you want me to do after that is s'okay." He stuffed the last of his things in the bag and zipped it.

"Okay, well, the job is with Sarah Telling which we thought you'd be happy with. But then that story broke this morning, and Mia started to worry we were screwing up your life instead of making it easier."

"Sarah Telling?" Pasha's heart jumped. "On her tour?" Alyssa. Nervous energy zipped through him, and he slung his bag over his shoulder.

"Yes, but if that doesn't work for you anymore, we can come up with something else."

"It's fine." More than fine. Then he latched onto something Tyler had said after Sarah's name. "What story?"

Tyler winced and produced a lollipop from his pocket, twirling it between his fingers. "I forgot you wouldn't know. Shit. Sorry. Mia's google alerts are out of control."

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