Chapter one

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I am never drinking again.

-you say this every Sunday. Don't you ever get tired of saying it?-

Don't you ever shut up?

Groaning I get out of bed. My body was damning more sleep but there was no way I was going back to sleep. It was Sunday and that means breakfast at moms house. No matter how old we are, we have to attend Sunday breakfast or mother dearest would kick our asses. Not literally off course but I know she could if she wanted to.

I rub my face and smack it to help my progress of waking up. Not that it done any good.

You reckon mama would be upset if I just happen to forget this one day?

-you like living by yourself?-


-then get going. The deal was if you attend every Sunday breakfast then you can move out-

I sigh and get my ass in the shower. I love my mother and all her overbearing ways however she seems to sometimes forget that I am 22 not 4.

I had to beg her to move out, quite literally. I think I always went on my knees and cry. We compromised, so I moved but not far. I still live in the same land but I have privacy. I brought it from my father.

Within quick time, I rushed to get dressed and made my way to my parents house. I wince when the door closes behind me.

I'm never drinking again!

-sure sure-


I winced again and went to slap the back of my brother head but he dodged my hands.

"You little rascal!"

He chuckles. I walk to the kitchen to greet my mother. She was behind the stove humming while cooking. I gave her a kiss on the cheeks and went to look for my favourite person in the whole world.

"Cameroooooonn!!" A little voice shouts.

I didn't have to look long because to my left there was a dark blond blur run up to me. I bend down to pick her up. She run into my arms and I lift her up blowing raspberries in her stomach. This makes her chuckle and hold my head hostage. I pull away from her grasp and tuck her in my arm. I give her a loud kiss on the cheeks.

"I miss you Cameron"she pouts.

Scarlett aka Sky is probably my favourite person in the world. The only kid I like to be honest. She's 3, full of sass and the funniest person I know.

"I miss you too Sky."

"I miss you and you miss me so why don't you move back in with us"

This is when my mother decides to but in

"I have been trying to ask him the same thing every day baby girl. I guess he just doesn't love us"my mother fakes pouts.

Sky gasps "you don't love us camyroo"

I wince at the nickname.

"Yeah Camyroo you don't love us"my brother teases

"Shut up squirt"I say to my brother before turn my attention to my baby sister.

The youngest in the Mitchell family and the one that often gets away with anything. I don't think the kid even gets grounded. She says a bad word and we all just say awww.

"Off course I love you. You're my favourite person in the whole world!"I tell her.

"So why won't you move back"

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