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As most you knew that a person is going around and reporting award books for no specific reason. Just because of this ill minded person, my award book got deleted with all the data that wasn't backed up. I was fully prepared to announce the results yesterday with all the reviews and everything but then Wattpad decided to delete my award book from the drafts without even giving any notice.

I'm unable to get hold of that unpublished parts but it's impossible. Arranging reviews is a lengthy work as it may take upto more than a week.

But since I've the results I'll announce the winners today and will try to give your prizes as soon as I can.

For this result making, I and one of my fellow wattpader colada_chim has rechecked each and every book and found that some of the books were wrongly scored. To overcome this we judged the book ourselves and gave them the place they deserved.

Don't be offended if you couldn't win this contest. It's just a platform were you're learning to be better in future projects and make something that will win hearts.

All the winner, congratulations and I hope that your books become more amazing as the time falls.


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