false alarm

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hey so-

this story doesn't make a lot of sense. if you read the first one (a stark secret) then you'll realize that this one only kinda goes with it, and ive kinda leapt off a cliff with it. it doesn't seem like the same story.

i'm going to fix it.

and then, I will be motivated to write it.

so a stark secret will receive some modifications over the next few weeks and so will this book, but then, THEN, business will commence! I PROMISE that this story will have a satisfying ending!! I hate it when people leave stories unfinished, so this will not be one like it's brethren! no sir. it will be finished, and it will be finished before the end of this summer. (I know, a long time to go, but that's giving me a large cushion to fall on. hopefully it'll be done in the next two months.)

thank you for staying with me! hope you all understand! thanks for the support.

love love love
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