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It's finally Dahyun & Jimin wedding day

Taehyung pov

'aww my sister looks so beautiful'

I hug her while she was sitting in front of makeup table

'ayyyy I'm always beautiful, you're the one who didn't noticed it'

'but Sana is prettier'

She hit my chest while Sana & my parents just laugh at us

'Dahyun, after this you will become Jimin's wife, thank you dubu for making my friend happy again, I owe to you (*raised eyebrows like dahyun rap part at feel specialㅋㅋ), when you were already become Jimin's wife don't forget about your handsome oppa arra? I'm gonna miss my little dubu, Jimin is so lucly to have you,I-I really love you my dubu'

She already cry

I hug her

And now both of us cry together in our hug

'aigoo, don't cry my baby girl & baby boy, mom love both of you'

Mom join our hug & then appa also

'hey I also want to join' Sana whined

I pull her wrist

All of us group hug

'Dahyunnie chukahae, unnie is happy for you, take a good care & listen to all of your husband order' Sana raised her eyebrow


Sana then kiss her forehead

'dubu be a good girl arra, if you have a problem with Jimin, solve it, omma know that my baby girl know how to solve any problem right, listen well to your husband, take care of yourself, don't forget to us, if you miss me just call omma or you can go home arra? Omma love you so much dubu'

My mom kiss her forehead & cheeks

They hug each other

'appa agree with omma, I love you dubu'

She laugh at dad & hug him

Jimin pov

I saw the door open

And there's dahyun with her appa soon to be my father in law

I approach them

Her appa give Dahyun's hand to me

'take a good care of her Jimin, I love her so much, she's my only baby girl'

I saw her appa was crying while walking toward Dahyun's family table

Dahyun already cry

I caressed her hand softly

-skip time-

'you may kiss your bride'

The priest say

I kiss her lips

All the guest are clapping for us

She cry really hard

I hug her & kiss her forehead

'don't cry baby'

Author pov

It's already night

Jimin & Dahyun stay at Dahyun's parents house

After their dinner, Dahyun & Jimin go to their bedroom

'oppa, don't you feel weird?'

'huh? About what?'

'omma & appa talk so weirdly'

'what do you mean?'

*Flashback on*

'dahyun, be a good wife okay? Remember omma always love you & will always be by your side'

'omma why did you say like that? You make me scare'

'aniyo, omma just want to let you knwo that omma always love you because before this omma didn't have a lot of time to spend with you & say I love you to you'

Dahyun hug her omma tightly & cry in her embrace

'Dahyun love you too, ALWAYS, don't leave me'

'dahyun, appa always want to say that appa love you so much, take a good care of yourself, have an enough sleep & don't you ever skip a meal, arra?'

'ne appa, I love you too, ALWAYS'

This time she's in his appa embrace

'aishh both of you make me emotional this night'

They laugh at her

*Flashback off*

'don't think too much, keep positive dahyun'

She just hummed & keep her eyes close

Jimin hug her

'what if omma & appa leave me, will Taehyung oppa leave me too? Will you leave me?'

'aishh don't think like that, I'll never leave you, now let's sleep & don't overthinking'

-Skip time-

Dahyun & Jimin just arrive at Seoul after their honeymoon at Paris for 4 days & 3 nights

Dahyun just resting her body on the bed

Suddenly she got a call from unknown number

She answer it

'yeoboseyo?' who is this?'

'are you Kim Dahyun?'

She get up from her bed

'ye-yes I am, what's wrong?'

'your mom & dad was sent to the hospital just now'


'They got in a car accident'

'what the- where? Which hospital?'

'xxxx hospital'

'arraseo thank you so much'

She grab her bag & car keys & rush to the hospital

She already call Taehyung & Jimin

-to be continued-

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