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hello! ok so this story is a rough draft, meaning that the writing will be awkward, and weird in some places and etc., i hope you're ok with it until i finish this story and then completely edit it ^-^

ELLIE HANNIGAN ABSOLUTELY DREADED FIRST period English. Words just weren't her forte. She always found that she tripped over them more often than actually tripping (and she tended to trip a lot).

She also hated English because every single school day, Luke Hemmings would stroll in with his black lip ring and quiffed hair, and sit in the unoccupied seat in front of her. And sometimes, he'd turn his head at an angle and Ellie would be able to see him take the black metal between his teeth.

God, Magnolia was right, Ellie was such a creep.

Today was no exception. On cue, Luke walked into the classroom, hitching his backpack higher on his shoulder and flashing a smile at the teacher. Ellie tried to distract herself by digging further into her own backpack for her class novel. But when the sound of metal against linoleum rang into Ellie's ears, she found it quite hard to pull Romeo and Juliet out from her backpack.

Ellie wasn't even sure how it all began. It must have been the first time Ellie had passed Luke in the ninth grade when walking down the corridor. Or maybe it was the first time Luke had asked Ellie for a pencil, and she gave him the one she was holding - despite it being her last one. Either way, Ellie knew it was true love.

But what was true love exactly? Was it the butterflies in Ellie's stomach that only seemed to erupt during her low-key and barely noticeable encounters with Luke? Or was it the moisture in the palms of her hands that was present whenever Luke sat down in the chair in front of her and played with that god awful (it wasn't very awful at all) lip ring?

Ellie thought it was.

The bell rang, and everyone settled into their assigned seats. Mrs. Brooke, who was once taking a call, dropped her phone on her desk and picked up her book.

"Let's discuss Romeo and Juliet. A tale of star-crossed lovers, miscommunication, and lust." Mrs. Brooke sighed happily, her eyes closing. Another thing Ellie hated of English was that her teacher was totally into the subject and she expected everyone else to be as well.

Opening her eyes, she clasped her hands together. "Okay! Who wants to tell us the central theme?" Mrs. Brooke's eyes scanned the classroom, before they landed on the blonde girl with bright red cheeks. Her lips curved into a sweet smile, "Ellie, what about you? What do you think?"

Ellie looked up and froze. All eyes were on her, which she never would have expected because she didn't even know people knew who she was.

"I - uh," Ellie fumbled with her words, more and more blood rushing up towards her cheeks. She took a deep breath, her eyes fluttering closed. Magnolia had always told her to stop getting her panties in a twist and speak out. She knew the answer, but for some reason, it was just so hard to say it.

When she opened her eyes, she also opened her mouth to speak. The words were just about to flow from her lips. But then, she saw that Luke had turned in his chair and she completely lost her mind. The words stuck to the back of her throat like superglue. "Um - well, the t-theme is - uh..." She couldn't finish her sentence without looking like an idiot, which was ironic, because she already looked like a pretty big one if you asked her.

"Cat got your tongue, I see," Mrs. Brooke hummed, a smirk on her ruby red lips. The class laughed and Ellie slouched further down her chair. Sometimes, Ellie felt that Mrs. Brooke hated her or something along those lines, which made no sense, because Ellie actually never spoke a word to her before.

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