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i got three questions (from one person) in three minutes it's called talent bitches

q; do you know how I can sell my soul to satan on the Internet?

a; hi my name is satan for your soul I will pay you however much money it is for 5sos/1d/whatever tickets

q; favourite type of pizza?

a; plain cheese bc plain soul

q; pencil crayons or crayons?

a; first of all, this question is literally genius props to you I had to think about it for so long. i would pick crayons bc childhood and pencil crayons are fucking basic oK

q; Oreo cream or the cookie?

a; um um um satan i can't choose

q; weirdest things you own?

a; i literally had to go on a search around my room at 4am for this okay this is what I found:

-a grasshopper made out of leaves
-too much Harry Potter merchandise
-you dont wanna know how many stuffed animals I have
-i think we already discussed the dolls so

yeah that's about it I think

q; something you would say to your future self?

a; a lot of stuff. first off, "props to you you're alive." if I actually make it through life aw shit that just got depressing whoops. then I'd be like "hi how are you" and just catch up and stuff and get starbucks together. my next question would be "ok future addy tell me, are you dating niall horan, calum hood or greg?" and slap her if the answer was no.

q; last time you showered?

a; oh shit like two days ago

q; fave song?

a; holy fuck stockholm syndrome aka life

q; calum or niall?


q; what time is it?

a; lunch time!!1!1 lol jk it's 5:25am wtf ok

q; waffle?

a; waffle.

q; lets meet in 8 years?

a; why make me wait such long time

q; why do you love me?

a; how many times do I have to recite it like srsly im not doing it again bc lazy

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