One hundred parts in this book.

And 6k reads too.

This is just too cool. You guys are radtastic. I'm so excited to get fan-mail from some of you guys when I'm at camp.

It's just shocking that people actually like me. I still don't really believe it.

So thank you all.

Thanks for all your support. All your acceptance of my weirdness. All your votes and hilarious comments.

I've only had this book since October wow okay shows how much of a life I have. Which would be no life.

Comment what I should I do to celebrate this amazing occasion.

How about a Q and A?

Addy themed Q and A.

Lmao I sound really selfish. But ask me things about my life.

Ex; who's in your band?
Ex; what's your fav type of cheese?
Ex; five best friends?


Comment on the michael


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