● It Must Be Love ●

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"I have work to do." He said, making me frown.

"Oh." I answered, looking away.

See? You idiot! I told you so!

It was quiet for a while. I stared out the window feeling somewhat disappointed.

"Ride with me?" He asked, squeezing my hand slightly.

I turned and gave him a big smile. I would hug him if he wasn't driving right now.

"Thank you!" I said happily and he replied with a small smile.

The rest of the ride was filled with comfortable silence.

When we pulled up to my house, he got out and walked around, opening my door.

He closed it once I was out and leaned against the jeep.

"See you later." He said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to him.

He wrapped his arms around me and his head sweeped down,

Stealing a kiss before my mind registered.

"Uh-huh." I replied dumbly and he smirked, kissing my forehead before pulling away.

"Text me the time." He said and I nodded, giving him a small smile before walking toward the door.

He stood in his spot, waiting for me to go inside. Once I was inside, I peeped through the window.

He was about to get back into the jeep before his eyes locked onto mine.

My heart leaped and I jumped away from the window, startled that he saw me.

When I looked again, he was standing on the driver's side with his arms crossed over the roof of the jeep.

A smirk was on his face as he stared back at me, knowing exactly where I was.

I blushed and backed away again, this time actually going to my room.

I heard his car speed down the street and I sighed.

Walking into my closet, I started choosing outfits for the trip.

Dale strolled into my room, looking as healthy as ever and sat at the edge of my bed.

"So he's coming?" He asked, smirking.

"Yup." I replied, grabbing a bathing suit. "What time do we leave?" I asked.

"At 6 a.m." He replied looking down at his nails. "My baby is going to be there. He better be ready for all of this."

He said, gesturing to his body and I faked a gag.

He picked up a pillow and threw it at my head, making me fall the the floor.

"Dale!" I yelled, trying to hold in my laugh.

I ran out of the closet and chased him around the room.

But being a football player really does beat being a Netlete.

A Netflix Athlete.

The only sport I'm actually good at.

He out-ran me with ease. But I had a plan.

When he ran to the front of my bed I climbed up quickly and jumped, landing on him.

We both fell to the floor and ended up a laughing mess.

I sat up, sitting on his chest as he chuckled.

He sat up as well and I ended up on his lap.

Wrapping his arms around me, he squeezed me tightly to his chest and patted my head.

"I love you, my child." He said and I only laughed before pulling back and doing the same to him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head down. I kissed his forehead and he chuckled.

"I love you too, my sweet asshole." I said and he pulled away with a disgusted face.

"You have a sweet asshole?" He asked and I was horrified.

"No! Forget what I said!" I said, shaking his shoulders with both of my hands as he laughed.

"Never!" He replied and I groaned loudly.

The moment was cut short by my phone ringing on my bed.

Dale pushed me to the floor and ran over to see who it was.

Then he looked back at me with a big smirk on his face.

"Lucy with a heart? It must be love." He said, snickering and I groaned again.

Getting up, I walked over to him and snatched the phone away before answering.

"Hello?" I answered, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Time?" He questioned in a monotone voice, making me frown at his tone.

"It's at 6. Why are you angry?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

I heard him sigh for before loud noises were heard in the background.

"Sorry." He said lowly.

"It's okay." I replied slowly, checking the time on my clock.

3 a.m

"Later, Princess." He said before the call cut.

"So hot." Dale said dreamily from next to me.

"He's...him." I said, getting lost in thought.

"I know. He isn't particularly normal." Dale said and I nodded in agreement.

"But he also cares about you. He killed Princeton for fucks sake!" Dale exclaimed and I cringed.

"He's a murderer." I mumbled sadly.

"Yet you're still alive. As dangerous as he is, he's done a great job at protecting you, Blair." He stated.

Getting up, he walked over to the window and gestured me over.

I walked over to him and he pointed outside.

"See that?" He said, pointing to two black cars outside.
"His men are always keeping an eye out for you."

I stared outside in shock, looking between the car and Dale.

"How do you know this?" I questioned, still shocked.

"I put two and two together." He paused and rolled his eyes when I gave him a knowing look. 

"Plus he told me. In case I got suspicious." He said and I sighed.

"He can be so sweet, so amazing one minute." I stopped and looked up at the ceiling.

"Then he's so cruel and cold." I whispered.

Dale hugged me, kissing my forehead and holding my head to his chest.

"The world makes people who they are today." He said quietly and I sighed.

I buried my face in his chest and inhaled his scent.

He always smelled like a mix of Aftershave and Berries.

"Now finish packing and get some sleep. Looking like a Zombie is not cute, Babygirl." He said.

I rolled my eyes as he walked out of my room

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