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Rex's POV

"Alright Dalton I get that your trying to help but basically breaking the poor boy's arm isn't going to get us anywhere! Seize and desist idiot!" Lie shouted as she smacked Dalton.

"Well excuse me for wanting his big day to be perfect! YOU DON'T HAVE TO ABUSE ME WOMAN! Rex she'll listen to you!" Dalton complained.

"Both of you shut it! You need to stop ruining my wedding day! I won't be bickering with Lie when it's your wedding Dalton! Yes, we all no Austin proposed to you!" I vented.

Dalton's face grew pink at the mention of him and Austin getting married, "Alright fine, we need to get you to the doors though, the music is about to start playing!"

I was yanked down the hall by Dalton as I heard the piano start to play. The whole me being the girl in the relationship thing made me a little pissed but like I had said all those months ago, I didn't care as long as I got to be his forever. Being in love with Kyrei made everything better for me, I had never been so happy as I was right now.

Lie had disappeared after the thing with Azuel, not telling anyone where she was going. But she had come back two months ago and explained a little bit of what happened. She needed to go back to Britain to have a discussion with a few family members of her's and Cruz's. No one really questioned her after that, after everything we all just wanted to be happy for once.

Cruz even got his self a girlfriend, beautiful of course. Her name was Ashley and she already felt like part of the family to all of us. As for Austin and Dalton, they were getting married November 15th with Sokka as Austin's best man and Lie as Dalton's 'maid of honor' since he was the girl in that relationship. Then of course Lie's birthday was a few days after new years so we had thrown a birthday party for her when she got back.

Apparently she now had a boyfriend named Reed, which was a little strange since that used to be my nickname for Sokka. I mean you couldn't blame me for that one! Kyrei? Come on, sound it out, it's in there....a little bit! But anyways everyone was happy with their lives for the time being, enjoying the love they had. While I was about to get married, Cruz had refused to come because Sokka had invited one of his ex-girlfriends to piss him off.

You had to admit it was pretty funny when Cruz walked in and saw her sitting right next to the seat he was suppose to take. His face had been priceless and made my wedding day all together. I played with my tie as Dalton pushed me in front of the double doors and began speaking with someone to open them in five seconds time.

I grew tense as my five seconds ended and I was now facing at least thirty people. We had agreed to keep it pretty small considering big things never really worked for any of us. Even though it wasn't that many I was still nervous as I started to move down the isle. Right now I couldn't even bring myself to look up to Sokka.

Looking at him would make me even more tense and nervous. Don't get me wrong, I was glad I was about to marry him but that didn't mean I'd just be excited and happy. Our preacher began the classic wedding speech, editing a few parts considering we were both guys. But as we got closer to the 'I do's' my nerves were nearly shot.

I finally managed to look up at Sokka though. He looked slightly uncomfortable but allot more calm then I was at the moment. After I saw him though I couldn't look away from him. This was the man I wanted to stay with forever, and I never wanted anyone to ruin this for me. We had gone through enough issues together and now it was time to finally live the good life.

"I do," Sokka spoke.

My eyes widened as I realized I hadn't been paying attention, could I do this without freaking out? The preacher turned to me with a smile, "And do you Derexll David Saint take Kyrei Xavier-Myui Gror as your husband to have and to hold, through sickness and health, until the day you die?"

"I do."

Kyrei's POV-Three years later.

"David! Xavier! Ellie!" Rex shouted next to me.

"COMING!" They shouted in response.

I walked behind Rex and pulled him to my chest tightly. He chuckled lightly before facing me and kissing me lightly. When he tried to move away I tightened my grip on him before kissing him deeply and lifting him onto the counter. He smiled in response and kept kissing me back with as much passion as the first kiss we had ever shared.

"Daaaaad can you try to wait until we go to school?"

Chuckling myself I took Rex off the counter and hugged our youngest adopted child, Ellie. She was seven years old and the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. Which made plenty of sense since she was named after Elysabeth. A pair of arms went around my back and I smiled at our middle child David before hugging him like Ellie.

David, of course, was after Rex's middle name. He was eleven years old and we could already tell he was like his dads, gay. His older brother Xavier seemed to know it to as he tried talking to David about it a few times already.  He wouldn't accept it though, course he was a little young to even consider accepting that.

Xavier was third-teen years old and reminded me allot of myself. He got in trouble at school almost every day, but he was protective of the ones that he loved. We really couldn't have asked for better kids and Rex still made me as happy as can be. Of course the kids had names before the ones we had given them, but they wanted a fresh start with everything.

We had all agreed to act like we had raised them their whole lives instead of two and a half years. Sure there were people that wouldn't let their kids hang out with ours because they didn't approve of gays but the kids really didn't care. If someone didn't accept their dads they didn't want to be invovled with them anyway.

Really? These were like my dream kids or something. Rex didn't like being yelled at for being gay so we didn't really talk to him about the people not letting their kids come because of it. I never wanted to see him upset or sad again as long as I lived. Protecting him was all I could ever do besides being in love with him.

I handed the kids their backpacks as they got ready for the bus. After giving Xavier a side hug they left out the door and rushed down the street, trying to beat eachother to the bus stop. Before I could watch them reach it Rex spun me around to face him and started to kiss me like earlier. Chuckling, I pulled him closer and lifted him into my arms.

He didn't protest as I started to take him up the stairs to our room. When I had the door shut behind us I laid him onto the bed and hovered over him. He didn't waste time as he started to take my belt off and I started to kiss him again. This never really changed, you'd think now that we were adults our hormones would have calmed down, but they never did.

I pulled his shirt over his head before trailing kisses down his chest. This was something I'd never get tired of no matter how many times I did it. He still moaned when my lips touched his skin, and we still stayed in bed for hours on end. We would always be in love no matter what the hell happened or was thrown our way.

Who ever said happy endings were over rated? I had mine and I was never going back. Rex was my forever and my everything, and he thought the same of me. Sure true love was harder then hell to find, but I ended up as one of the lucky ones. No one else died, we still had our friends, but most importantly....we had finally fixed eachother.


Oh my god...I think I just cried! :'c It wasn't that emotional but you try writing the ending to a story like this! >_< Thank you to everyone that supported FE! Thank you to everyone that supported Sokka and Gregg (Kyrei and Rex)! Their still together and going strong, ask them yourselves! :3 Guys, I love you and I was more then happy to write your love story <3 -Lie:3

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