Chapter 1~ Action

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A/N: Sooo, funny story...I was going to delete this book tonight because of lack of motivation but I saw I had started this chapter and decided to finish it! So here you go! My Reality, chapter 1!

Kirigiri's POV-
I've been searching for a lead for months, about an actress who allegedly murdered the girl who got her part so she could "step in." Unfortunately though, since I lived so far away from where it was actually taking place I couldn't do an accurate investigation. I needed to fly to Hollywood.
I started to pack my bags and then remembered about my roommate, his name was Makoto Naegi and we had been friends since middle school. I wondered if he would be willing to join me since going alone would be less than ideal. I made my way into his room where he was reading on his bed. I smiled at him and cleared my throat. He looked over at me and grinned.
"Hey Kiri! What's up?" He asked, putting his book down and walking to where I was standing.
"I need a favor Makoto..."
"Sure thing, what do you need?"
"I was wondering if you were willing to come with me to Hollywood to investagate a murder?" He smiled wide and nodded his head vigorously.
"I'd love to go! I'm totally down for doing anything that would help you crack this case wide open!" He answered happily.
"Then it's settled, pack your bags...we're flying to Cali!"


"You want me to do what?!"
"You just have to act for a little bit on the show, I'll be with you the whole time I promise. You did say you'd help me with anything I needed to solve this case."
"I know but Kiri, I kind of...have stage fright." I smacked my palm against my face as Makoto chuckled nervously.
"I'm sorry, but please I need you to just pretend for a little bit. I'll be with the entire time and make sure you feel safe, okay?" He nodded and wrapped me in a hug.
"I know you'll go just about anything to solve this case, but be careful okay. I care about you a lot." I blushed deeply and smiled into his shoulder.
"Of course, I care about you too."
"Now tell me the plan again."


We arrived at the filming studio later that afternoon. We had already begun our plan. I had virtually auditioned for the show online with Makoto a few weeks prior and as I suspected they loved us and wanted us as extras on the show. It was a reality type tv show titled LA girl. It was about a woman who got divorced and moved to LA to start her new life. It was stupid and overly cheesy so it was important that my investigation moved along quickly. The second we stepped in the door I knew something was up.
"Hello you two! You must be Makoto and Kyoko from Japan! Welcome to the US! I'm Beth, the director! I hope you two have lots of fun as extras!" A tall, red haired girl giggled. I nudged Makoto gently to cue our fake grins.
"A pleasure to meet you," I said, putting my iron mask on.
"Mhm." Makoto piped in.
"Well, the dressing rooms are that way so go make yourselves at home! Shooting stars in an hour!" Beth finished before she skipped off. As soon as she left we both heaved a sigh.
"She's a little much isn't she," Makoto whispered to me.
"Oh yes, she'll be quite the joy to work with." I replied sarcastically. We walked to our dressing rooms which were conveniently placed right next to each other and started discussing the next phase of our plan.
"Okay, the girl we're looking for is the main star. Her name is Jessica Albright and she's 24. You've got to really pay attention to her on set."
"Got it, should I be worried about the filming?" My roommate asked nervously. I shook my head.
"You'll be fine, we don't have lines, remember? We just need to follow the stage directions."
"Okay, i'm still scared but I got you!" I smiled and patted his head affectionately. Something I've done since middle school. He grinned, gave me a quick hug and ran off to his dressing room. I entered mine and pulled out a tiny flashlight from my jacket. I scanned the room for security cameras and found one overlooking the entire room. I shook my head dismissively, covering it with tape. I could hack into the sound system later to make sure none of our plans were picked up by the camera. I eyed the clock. It was 20 minutes to film. I was told in an email someone would bring in my outfit I'd be wearing. I waited for a few more minutes before a short blonde girl burst in the door.
"I'm so sorry Miss Kirigiri! I'm late!" She exclaimed loudly, falling on the floor in the process. She looked so young.
"It's quite alright." I replied, helping her up. She smiled softly and handed me a purple hoodie and jeans.
"It's a casual autumn day for the first scene. We'll have to bring some fans in for the 'wind' effect so it's good to dress warm!" I nodded and took the clothes from her.
"Be on set in five!" She called out, running at full speed out the door. I laughed at her personality. A few minutes later I had gotten dressed in the 'costume' It was just a solid color purple hoodie, jeans, and black combat boots. I of course kept my gloves on and brushed on some light makeup they required. I walked down to the studio to see a park scene set up. Complete with wind, trees and people. I found Makoto in the crowd and walked over to him. His outfit matched mine except he had a green hoodie. A few minutes of waiting passed before Beth came into view.
"Hello extras! Today we are filming the first scene! I hope you're all excited!"
She explained what we needed to do and gave us our stage directions. A few minutes later she called out-
"Makoto! Kyoko! Come see me!"
We eyed each other suspiciously and walked over to the red haired director.
"Hi you two, listen...we have a bit of a strange request."
"And what might that be?" I replied quickly.
"The main couple dropped out of the show a few minutes ago and we can't find a replacement. I need you two to play them."


1068 words! I'm happy I finished the first chapter! I'm NOT on an upload schedule at all so except random chapters to come out here and there :3

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