Chapter 23

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I stir due to a sound. Forcing my eyes awake I look around my room to come face to face with several maides pack. I quickly cover myself as I'm still naked from last nights activities. "Um...excuse me." I say as they all stop and turn to me. I either get a good morning miss or a nod as a response.

"What is going on why are you packing my things?" I ask. "Your husband asked us to pack all of your belongings due to your visit being over and you are heading back home today." The one answers. "Oh really.... well where is this husband of mine so I can chop his balls off." I seeth. "In the m-main h-h-house ma'am." She stutters. I quickly ask them to wait outside the room and I get myself ready.

I then march or more like a angrily waddle a very angry waddling to the main house. "Where is he?" I spat. "In Masters office with him." Someone speaks. "No one better run to notify him of my presence or else." I say as I walk towards his pending death.

There are four guards outside my grandfather's office. Two of them Vincenzo's men and two were my grandfather's. They all look at me with a unexplainable emotion in their eyes before their eyes went to the floor. "I'm Sorry Miss but they're in a very important meeting and no one is to disturb them." The one said. "If you don't get out of my way and let me through the things I could do with a piano string will be talked about for hundreds of years to come." I seethe. There eyes go wide with shock of my craziness. As I start to walk towards the office they walk in front of the door almost blocking it. "I love the fact that you're loyal to your bosses.... that's great but again.... I'm a force that this world is not prepared for try me and you will find out.... now move so I can talk to my conniving despicable husband and my traitor of a grandfather." I said.

They let me pass them and I open the door as if it was a dramatic movie entrance. Everyone in the room turns around and looks at me. "My dear princess we are in the middle of a very important meeting were you not told?" My grandfather asked. "Yes, I was told....I was told a lot of things today. Like how all of my things are getting packed and I'm moving. Which is total news to me because I never agreed on moving anywhere." I explained. "I love how it was called my visit. I wasn't visiting... I was at living by the way." I continued. "Honey your husband needs to go back home and thought that it would be nice if the maids packed everything for you so you didn't have to worry and stress." My grandfather explains.

I laugh a humorless laugh more like a bitch please kind of laugh. "Oh my husband can do as he pleases. I mean he does anyways and I will do as I please.... which means I'm not going anywhere except for back to bed after I get a milkshake.... because I'm really craving a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake. Wouldn't it be good to have peanut butter, chocolate and strawberry milkshake with like pretzel crumbles? Anyhow, I'm not going anywhere except for to the kitchen so you could just ixnay the packing that is going on in my room....and how dare there be maids in my room while I'm lying completely naked like they seen everything. Well not like everything but enough. They seen the whole top half of me bare to the world." I ramble.

"Sweetie, we talked about this last night... about how you were moving back with me. How we were going to be together and you said yes to all of it." Vincenzo explains. "Just an FYI... screaming YES during sex it's not a confirmation on things that you're planning. That just means YES give it to me. YES harder. YES right there. YES do it like that. YES faster. YES oh my God it feels so great. It has nothing to do with oh yes let's be together... oh yes let's move when I really don't want to.... or oh yes let's sign a treaty to bring peace to the world. Get what I'm saying?" I asked.

"Darling, I love you with all of my heart but that was way too much information." My father says. 'Opps I forgot about everyone else. Got to cover it up. "Well then maybe you shouldn't have your listening ears on and maybe you guys shouldn't be in this room with these traitors and discuss about how you're going to move me away from a place that I'm very comfortable with. A place that I've started my life over again on my own. With my own freedom and my own well being at hand. I didn't need any of your guys's help at all. Well I mean grandfather's yeah sure but it's not like I can't do it on my own. Matter fact that's what I'm going to do. You're right, I do need to move but I'm not going back with Vincenzo. I'm going to go on my own and raise the kid on my own. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go get a milkshake. Oh..and an omelette." I ramble.

I go to walk out the door when I hand circles around my waist pulling me back gently. "Babyface, let's talk about this." Vincenzo leans in to kiss my neck. My knees get weak and my head goes fuzzy like always. "You are coming home with me and we are going straight back home. You can have all the freedom you want to do whatever you want while I'm at home with me so I can protect you and the baby.... you two are the most important people in my life. Now that you how to given me this sexy, pouty, angry face while in that cute little dress you have on well.... just to let you know when we're on the plane you're going to be locked in the private bedroom screaming YES to everything." He said still kissing me. "Do you understand?" I shake my head yes because it again I can't think in this daze.

"Good now I'm sorry can lady are you one of the housekeepers?" he speaks to the one that followed me in. She shakes her head yes. "Good will you please direct my wife to the kitchen and ask the chef to make her a vegetable omelette no tomatoes extra mushroom and a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake with chunks of strawberry and pretzels in it and please don't forget the whipped cream and Cherry." He orders. She nods come in closer to me. "Would you like that baby or would you like this big sausage for breakfast that I got for you?" He says he rubs against my butt. "Both!" I say out loud still in a daze. Everyone just laughs and he loosens his grip on me so that the housekeeper can take my hand and lead me down the hallway.

The only things that are my mind now is sex and milkshakes. I wonder how the day's going to turned out.

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