Diana Prince- Cry (a)

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Even though Diana tried her best to hide her cry in one of your cushions, you still heard it from the bedroom, which is where you thought she would be.

"It's three in the morning, what are you doing up? What's wrong?" You asked, still trying to shake your head into being fully awake as you sat beside her and took her in your arms. "Tell me what's wrong?" You pulled the tear stained fabric from her face, it was not often Diana cried so when she did you knew something was really sitting on her mind.

"I just really miss home." She must have been here a while, you wiped the dried tears from her cheeks and pulled her soggy pyjamas away so that they did not stick on her chest.

"When you say home you mean...?"

"Themiscrya." Her head hung low as she spoke "I love you, and I love living with you, but my home and my heart will always be in in Themiscrya." She cushioned her cheek against your chest and tucked her slipper clad feet onto the sofa.

"At least you have the memories of there." She nodded sadly and brought a fresh tissue up to her snotty nose. "What's brought all this on anyway? This isn't the Diana that I know."

"You were just so excited to go to home and visit your family, it just made me realise that that's something I'll never be able to do." She pulled away leaving a small damp spot on your shirt where the top of her face had rested. "I can't just get in the car, drive for a few hours and go see my mother."

"No, we can't. What do you miss the most? Apart from the people."

"Probably the weather." She smiled softly and brushed tear-soaked strands of hair from her face. "There was hardly a day that passed where those golden rays didn't bless us, here we're lucky if we don't have rain seven days a week." The smile turned into a sombre chuckle.

"Tell me about the food?" You invited her back into your reach, which she graciously accepted by burying her head into you.

"The food was nothing like here, I mean it largely looked the same we are not aliens, it just tasted so much different."

"Better?" You asked, knowing that she had told you countless times all the treasures that a Themiscryan pantry had to offer.

"So much better..."

And you spoke through the night until your work alarm was dismissed and forgotten about many hours later.


Written by Aaron.

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