Diana Prince- Morning (a)

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Even in your slumber you could feel the warming rays of sunlight penetrate your windows and be cast upon your face, it's calming embrace even entering your dream state as you and Diana lay upon the shores of Themiscrya and basked in the same crest of warmth.

"Wake up." As soft as a velvet cloth you heard Diana's mellifluous voice pull you from the golden beach and over the course of a few minutes you were back in your bed with Diana gently stroking your face until you came back into reality. Your nose caught the aroma of potato hash and bacon before your eyes had been able to focus themselves. "Good morning my love." She brought her rose-tinted lips to your forehead and delicately planted them.

"I don't think I'm able to complain but what's going on? Normally I'm the breakfast one here." She softly placed the warm plate onto your lap and sat a knife and fork into your hand. "I think I'm still dreaming."

"I just wanted to do something special for you." She lay down at your side as you began to enjoy your breakfast treat. "I can take it away if you would rather come and do it?" Her cheeky comment brought a mischievous but loving smile to her face, she opened her mouth and pointed to the forkful of potato which you were just about to place in your mouth.

"Did you not make yourself anything?" You asked as you placed the form near her mouth.

"I'm not all that hungry if I'm honest, I'm too nervous to eat much."

"Nervous?" You finished up the last of your food and sat the plate down on the bedside table, the corner of a napkin mopped up anything that had found its way onto the corners of your mouth and then it was another blissful morning laying in each other's embrace. "Is it something you want to talk about?"

"I don't really think I have a choice if I'm honest." Your stomach sank and slowly your heart began to beat as a hummingbirds wings would flap, you knew because of who she was it could always be the case that she would have to leave at a moments notice, but you prayed to every god you had heard of that it was not the case. "I just need to..." With a deep breath she pushed herself from the bed and walked around to the side that you lay.

"y/n y/s/n." She grabbed your hand and took it into her clammy palm before slowly descending one knee onto the plush carpet below. "Will you marry me?"


Written by Aaron.

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