Diana Prince- Hard Day (a)

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The supple bottom of your ever-filling briefcase crashed against the hardwood floor of yours and Diana's home, as soon as you pushed the hefty door behind you the recognizable scent of rose, jasmine and lily twirled through the air.

"Sorry if I'm a bit moody." You called out in a monotone and half assed shout as your sore feet released themselves from the leather confinements that you had imprisoned them in those long ten hours ago. "It's been a hectic kind of day... Hey, why are the lights off?" With aching arms, you slipped your coat from your arms and hung it heavily on the hook as Diana called out from the dark living room.

"I'm sorry you've had a rough time, I thought it might be as such. Come through, I'm sure I can put a smile on your face." Just grateful that she would try to cheer you up, you stepped through the unlit hallway with your head somberly drooped towards the ground.

"Look up then." She giggled, her joyful laugh already bringing an uplifting spark to your downtrodden soul. "Not too quickly though."

Slowly you rose your head, the first thing you saw was flickering beams of candlelight that danced along the floor, you followed the amber glow up the feet of the sofa, dangling between the metal bases sat a scarlet silk cloth, whose delicate ripples sent the rays of light fluttering across the room.

Diana's foot slowly came into view, quickly followed by her bare, long leg and finally up to her beautiful, seductively poised face. She lay across the sofa, the elegant red cloth draped seemingly careless across her but positioned in such a way for it to cover her dignity and to at least leave a little to your imagination.

"When you phoned me on your lunch and told me how it was already getting you down, I thought I would prepare something special for you when you returned home." A devilish smile spread across her face as her dainty finger ran up her leg, stopping at the cloth and unfurling the edge ever so slightly to show that nothing sat underneath.

"People always tell me I got lucky to get you, but this is something else." You felt yourself walking towards her without fully meaning to but clearly it was too slow for her. A bronzed arm reached underneath the sofa and pulled out her trusted golden lasso, the cloth fell from her chest as she rose her arm and sent the of the lasso hurtling towards you. It wrapped around your waist and after the impish grin painted on her rosy face grew larger, she yanked with little effort and pulled you from across the floor and on top of her.


Written by Aaron.

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