Chapter 40: Love story

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I quickly got dressed in my knitted, light mocha turtleneck and my light washed overalls pairing it with some (your fav shoe).

I grabbed my hand purse and hasten down the halls to meet Katsuki.

"You look like a dweeb with that overalls" Katsuki snigger as soon as he saw me dashing my way to meet him.

"Should I change?!" I quickly got offended and my confidence plummets.

Katsuki laughs and hearing the rare voice unleashing from his mouth openly made my heart quench.
"No dumbass.." he snorted but considering the jerk part of Katsuki, I still feel conscious.

"W-what's wrong with it beside looking like a dweeb?" I whined and puff my cheeks.

I looked over at his fit and this guy is seriously rocking ripped jeans, a gray salted hoodie and a jean jacket over it.

"We're kinda matching though?" I said and pointed at his jacket and my jean overalls.

"Don't compare me to you stupid, and you're wasting time for someone who's always so jolly about going places" He scoffed and started taking steps out of the dorm alliance.

"But Ka-Tsu-kiii" I whined yet again.

"Shut up, you look cute 'kay, you should really learn how to ignore people's opinions and do what you want" he muttered and my eyes beamed, boosting the confidence I had lost a minute ago.

"Haha, thanks for the advice" I ran up in front of him and skipped my way out the entrance of the building.

"Sure.. and don't fucking walk in front of me!" He barked out and I immediately stopped in my track to give him a piece of mind.

"You're truly an egoists" I told him and he grit his teeth denoting that I have I successfully provoked him.

"I mean walk BESIDE me DUMBASS!" He barked out and I was stumped resulting for my jaw to gape.

"So, I see you have finally acknowledged my capability and has taken me as an equal" I joked and he rolls his eyes.
His attitude is so darn unyielding and working 24/7.
I stood in one place steadily until he's caught up to me before taking another step.

"It's just inconvenient" he muttered and quickly snatched my hand.

"Ohhh.." I was wordless. He just wanted to hold my hand without having the trouble to adjust with me walking in front of him.

Cute in the most Katsuki way of expressing himself..

"Oh- wait where are you taking me?" I asked.
"Theme park" he answered.

My face wrinkled with awed, knowing that for the first time he had planned a date for the two of us.

"Stop looking so weird" he spat and my face only magnifies.


"I love it when you turn to Mr. romantic, you just look mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually hotter" I prattled.

"And sometimes you look sexier when you just shut up and keep on walking" He retorted with a smirk.

"Oh shut it, I know you like me" I fight back.

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