Chapter 39: Celebrate

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"G'morning.." he smirks and reality altered.
We slept together in one bed and this is our "first" morning.
As cute and sweet that is, I cannot be swept into a different topic.

"Good morning.." I returned, "and anyways why are you all bruised up?" I asked, much calmer this time.

"Tch" he clicked his tongue and got up his bed.

"I got in a fight with Deku, Sensei caught us and now I'm on house probation and I also hav'ta do some community work or some shit for three days starting on Monday" he said straight up with no ounce of emotion, while he take off his tank top and throwing it in his laundry basket.

I took some time before I can finally process each sentence that he said.
"Wha—" my voice paused and I quickly dart my way onto his desk to get my phone and successfully scrolling through my contacts to call his mother.

"What the hell are you up to now?!" He peeked his head out from his closet while he get a pair of new top.

"Calling Mitsuki-san!" I snapped my head at him.

"NO!!" He yelled and stagger his way to me trying to snatch my phone.

After a few ramble of word and a tinge of aggression, I finally said the whole message to Mitsuki-san, and I tell you that my phone's microphone was obliterated from the two of them yelling at each other.

Katsuki threw my phone and it luckily landed on his bed. He glared at me with a mope on his face seemingly sulking that I have told on him.

"Either way, the school will contact your parents on Monday..." I muttered but he only turn his body around from me, refusing to care.

"You know, sometimes I don't know how to deal with you. Waking up and seeing all the new bruises scattered all over your body and now you're telling me that you illegally fought with Midoriya.." I let out a frustrated breath.

"Don't do that again idiot..." I said my voice softer and brooded.

"Don't get in trouble, or Don't beat Deku's ass, which one?" He scorned and shuffled around.

"Both" I said and he rolls his eyes.
"Nah, I hav'ta beat Deku's ass, and it's my life I get to do whatever I want with it" he proclaimed.

"You're unbelievable" I scowl at him and he only smirks.

"But I guess your dumbass is part of my life now, so I can bargain you the first one" He smugly said with the silliest grin, like he had thought of the greatest idea ever.

My face obviously flushed and my insides feel empty.
He can be so unnecessarily sweet in the wrong timing.
Since I'm beating a dead horse I agreed, and having a unsupervised fight causes trouble and he already said that he'll try not to get into one.
And the problem ceased.

"So.. how did it go?" I asked, regarding him talking to Midoriya and more details of what happened.

"I won!" He grins and he practically sparkled.

"I didn't ask about that dummy!"

"Then what more do you wanna know?" He complains.

I look at him intently not sparing a word until he stop playing dumb.

"Tch!!!!! It's fine.... I guess" he clicked his tongue extra loud.

"That's good to hear.."


We went down stairs to finally have our first meal of the day.

As I thought everyone was asking about the news from last night. Midoriya was nice handling about his classmates continuous question while on the other hand the other culprit just wants to blow up.

"So we were quite wondering why Bakugo and you weren't present for breakfast" Ochako giggles and nudges at me. Their eyes wide as they glitter with downright attentiveness.

"Woah what a coincident" I ridiculed hoping to hide the fact that I'm on edge.

"Boo, we don't believe you" Mina whines and Ochako agrees with multiple nods.

Was my lie too apparent??

I shook my head, "I overslept while I'm guessing Katsuki was not in the mood.." I let out a half suppressed laugh attempting to sound more convincing.

"Woah, I overslept as well!" Mina gushed out.
"Me too, it must be the exam, that totally drained me out. Thank Kami-sama it's the weekend" Ochako added.

Well that worked out fine...

I cast my gaze at Katsuki who's relatively rational around the boys. Seeing that took some weight off my chest, he seems back to normal.
Now I couldn't refrain myself from wondering what really happened that night, but those two has seriously been oil and water ever since then, so knowing the fact that Katsuki somehow talked things out with Midoriya is more than enough details and reassurance to me.

With that said, I decided to make my way to my room and take a shower. Today I deserve a full day relaxation—take this as a celebration for passing the exam.

"OI Y/N!" Katsuki called out, startling me as he sneak behind me in the staircase.

"Hey I get that you have an immaculate skill of stealth but please don't use that to be the death of me" I told him and he frowns.

"Jeez talk about over reacting.." he blankly said.

"I want to dump you sometimes.." I glare at him and he flicked a brow at me.

"You can't " He smirks with a smug, unleashing the egoistic Katsuki.

"How do you know that?"I retorted, resting my arm on my hips.

"Cuz I won't let you..." He shrugs like he just said the most mic dropping thing ever.

"That's not how it works.."

"Whatever, Anyways lets go somewhere.." he said.

"Isn't it too late" I dismissed.

"Just shut up and get ready, it's not too late to celebrate or whatever.." he said and quickly turned around to make his way to the other wing of the facility.


And just like that I was totally swept away and anxiously rushed to my room to get ready.
Did he mean to celebrate that I passed the exam, isn't that a bit too unfair for him?..

To be continued...
Chapter is pretty boring, sorry guys╰(*'︶'*)╯♡
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