Chapter 39: Celebrate

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3rd Person's POV

Katsuki went right back to the dorm after getting rebuke by Aizawa.

His hand grasp the door knob very hard, ready to blast the door open due to his anger but the moment he remembered that you were inside, Katsuki halted mid way.
Instead he opened the door slowly and walked over to his bed stealthgngly like a cat in the dark.

He looked over at you and his lips couldn't help but pout. He couldn't believe that he had to be quiet in his own damn room while acknowledging the defeat of being weak against you.

Katsuki took a deep sigh and slightly bent down,
"Hoh, the dumbass can be pretty..." He smirks as he stares at your sleeping face, completely awestruck and his bitter mood purified.

Katsuki went around the other side of the bed, giving him the space to lay down.
He slid underneath the blanket and snaked his arms around your waist, it was surprising that being this close were not new to him.
He then pulled you closer until to his likeness.

Your chest pressed against his upper stomach and his eyes couldn't help but take a glimpse down.
Katsuki degrades himself for the impure thoughts that crossed his mind.
He is not that kind of guy but it's totally different when it comes to you.

He believes that it will go down when he sleep it off...



As soon as I grasp consciousness, I had thought that it was still the middle of dawn. With a suspicion for how long I have been asleep I still opened my eyes and it shocked me how dark the room is.
The sun ray couldn't show through his thick and dark coloured curtains.

Is he a vampire?

I swayed my head around as I sat down and I felt his arms locked around my hips restricting me to leave.
Katsuki's clock got into my field of vision and that's when I realized that it's near noon and we have yet got up nor ate anything.

I anchored my gaze at Katsuki whose head is half inside the blanket. As soon as I pulled it down, bruises and scrapes covered his face and I quickly panicked, resulting me from yanking the whole blanket off us and there goes his whole body filled with bandages.

I felt worried and a little deceived, I told him not to get in trouble and I bet, rather I just know he's got himself in one big time.

"Katsuki.." I whispered, not sure why I was being so gentle, maybe a part of me refuses to destroy his peace.

"KATSUKI!" My voice definitely elevated and I earned a frown from him as he slowly wake up.

"What the fuck is your problem..." he groans while he massages his temple.

"First explain thesee?!" My eyes wide as I gesture my hand all over his body, "and second, it's noon" I continued.

"So what?, it's Saturday..." he shifts his body around and pulled the blanket up and practically tried to go back to his sleep.

"Katsuki Bakugo..."I said my tone flat, hiding the threat behind his name and I felt him shiver for some reason.

It was silence for a brief moment before he finally turned back around and stare at me with his sharp but oddly charming eyes.
He propped himself up with his elbow and rest his face on his palm still with his eyes glued to me.

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