The Vampire Diaries (poem)

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*** my friend asked me to write a poem on our favourite tv show. The Vampire Diaries. so here it is... hope you enjoy and please comment(: ***

The Vampire Diaries

Salvatore, Salvatore is his name,

the "good" brother is his game.

a change of diet, he did choose,

the death of someone if he lose.

moving back to his hometown,

his "evil" brother bringing him down.

they shared a love long, long ago,

now a girl, a copy from head to toe,

she falls in love with mister good,

he struggles to keep her safe, as he should.

but he fails in hiding his secret from her,

no matter what, he is who she prefer.

the brother's old love soon returns,

her trust and word they must earn,

she is after mister saint,

after mister evil she ain't.

her lies and games musn't be played,

or the look-a-like's body will be layed.

the brothers will fight day and night,

but only one will be the twin's shining knight.

witches and werewolves in the mix,

humans falling for vampire tricks.

protecting their home the brothers have tried,

saving the living, mourning those who died.

mystic falls, where fairytales were,

the epic battle, who will win her?

~Samantha <3

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