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There is always someone making choices every second in this world. Some choices show the expected result. Some results...just grow like a bud, but never bloom to a flower.

Few people are afraid of making decisions to stand out in the crowd, to grow, to leap, to succeed. Few are so strained in this needy and selfish world that they forget – SURVIVING is not LIVING.

If you are a business owner and you are stuck to make a move to promote and market your business, products or services, and you seek the solution to financial freedom both online and offline, then is a company that is designed especially to take control of your entire marketing needs in the auto-pilot mode and let you just enjoy your personal life.

So far we have discussed product-based MLM companies like, and, but in this article, we will cover aspects, benefits, and opportunities offered by an emerging super unicorn company which is a most searched service-based MLM company.... Read here for ONPASSIVE Review.


ONPASSIVE is an emerging marketing solution to align and automate any business, right from the prospecting to the recruiting and the selling. The company offers an automated marketing platform integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that identifies needs and takes actions on its own.

The Company is conceptualized and visualized by its founder. He is a pioneer in the field of online marketing. He has extensive knowledge and has visions of helping other people to be successful online.

Founded and registered back in July 2018, the company has already made its presence online without even its marketing solution launched yet. However, everyone has the idea of what ONPASSIVE is trying to achieve.

ONPASSIVE is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company that offers superior tools already in demand and used by millions of marketers at a much lower cost. Once you have joined as a member of this company, you will be able to access free tools available for your marketing needs.

How does ONPASSIVE's Compensation Plan work?

ONPASSIVE offers a 3 X 10 forced matrix with a very different and a unique auto-enrolling feature – Spill-Over. So this structure allows only 3 members at the first level, followed by 9 members in the second, 27 in the third, and it goes on till the tenth level. But if the person at the top-level enrolls more than 3 individuals, then next enrollees would fall in the open position underneath the level, which allows the person at that level earns out of enrollment done by someone else.

To earn commissions in ONPASSIVE, an active subscription must be maintained for each package that you purchase. There are a total of 4 different packages:

AFFILIATE Package: $25 Matrix

PRO Package 1: $125 Matrix

LEADER Package 1: $250 Matrix

MASTER Package 1: $500 Matrix

Level vs Package Monthly Compensation Plan:

If a member wants to purchase the higher-level packages instead of waiting to be automatically upgraded by the system, the packages must be purchased sequentially.

For example, if an individual wants to purchase the first 3 packages, then the person needs to purchase the $25, the $125, and the $250 package, in sequential order, for a total of $400. This also means that the person has to purchase all 4 packages for a total of $900 if the intent is to go for the highest package that costs $500.

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