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What the absolute HECK am I doing.

 Someone needs to explain this to me, because evidently time doesn't comprehend to me. 

Last year I did this and still have yet to finish the story. I'm within 10k words on that, so maybe 8 chapters at the most, but that's the track  record I have. That. 

And I'm doing this again. 

Oh well. It'll be fun. 
It'll probably be done sometime next year.

This is a combination of numbers

47. An angel obsessed with chaos and a law-abiding demon debate over who's good and who's evil. As you might expect, the debate gets out of control.

45. You are possessed by a demon. The only way to cast it out is to kill seven people-- for each of the seven virtues.

39, "'The ship be cursed, lad; ye'll no' return.' I scoffed at the hag and climbed aboard.

May or may not include more. Who knows. 

*deeply regrets life choices but not really*

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