All the responses from the Q'n'A.

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I cut the questions and answers down to the near basics for those who just want to browse through. Hope you enjoy.


How tall is (Y/N)?

In the book I've stated that (Y/N) is around 5'6", but this is outdated info now. If (Y/N) were 5'6" now, she'd be about the same height as Vaggie.

Now she reaches up to Angel's shoulder. So, she's around 7 and a half feet tall now.

Is (Y/N) stronger than Alastor?

Statistically, no. Alastor outranks (Y/N) in power. On the other hand, (Y/N) outranks him in both technique and experience, she also abuses the hell out of her no-touch ability.

We'll get to see more of (Y/N)'s growth throughout the story, so stay tuned.

What kind of story is this?

It's a slow burn, romance novel. I'll be playing around with world-building and character depth in this book, instead of just hyper-focusing on Alastor and (Y/N)'s relationship.

When dose Alastor debut?

At the start of the "The Hunter and The Hunted" act.

Is Alastor Ace in this?


Why did (Y/N) go to hell? She didn't do anything bad.

I wrote the first chapter before the streams were a thing. So, I was under the assumption that "Witchcraft" was a sin in that world.

But now it seems like a pretty regular thing, considering the Helluva boss episode. So, when I'm back, I'll make sure to make (Y/N) less sympathetic and more evil.

Will there be smut?

Nope. Maybe you'll see some lime and attempted ra*e scenarios from side characters. But other than that, both main characters are uninterested in sex.

·        Sub question: Wait! Are we asexual in your story?

(Y/N) is Pansexual. But suffers from Genophobia.

Will Percy/Nicole play a part in the story?

Percy: I'm unsure if he'll even exist in the rewrite. But no, he isn't important. Although, I had originally planned to use him as a substitute dad for (Y/N).

Nicole: She'll play as (Y/N)'s guide throughout the story. She'd act like a mom character.

Is (Y/N) a psychopath?

No, she just thinks she's justified in hurting others since "Only bad people go to hell.". (She is also very cold-hearted by nature)

Will other overlords play a part in this?

Yes, mire so with Lucifer. He'll be a fun character to explore.

Other than that, (Y/N) will interact with all of them. And one of the overlords is even the antagonist of the story.

How are you doing?

I'm fine, thanks.

What kind of gigs dose (Y/N) preform?

The original idea was the (Y/N) would be a magician, who sung and danced while using illusion magic. Then I realized that it no longer fit her character.

Are we ever gonna see (Y/N) in a dress?

Probably not, (Y/N) doesn't like dresses or overly feminine clothing in general. Mostly because of their limited mobility, and ridiculous sex appeal (that opinion is based on clothes she sees in hell).

(Y/N)'s clothing style is more like a formal goth in pants. 

What is your opinion on the Hazbin Hotel pilot/Halluva boss episode?

Hazbin Hotel: Honestly, I was kind of disappointed. Not because it was bad, but because all the posted clips made it easy to figure out the entire episode. So, I already knew what was going to happen.

The second thing was the pacing. Like, you could tell that the animators were more used to making music videos, then cartoon episodes.

Other then that, it was a banger. I loved the art, the voice acting and Husk's interaction with Alastor. (Seriously I thought I popped a lung from laughing)

Halluva boss: Stoles has a fewking kid and I can get over it.

Seriously though, I think Halluva boss was a good way to show what they learned from Hazbin. It's great fam.


I hope that clears a few things up. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


To be Continued...
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