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AUthors note:

Before I start I just want you to know that all my chapters are really long for the first six to seven chapters all chapters after seven will be shortened and easier to read.

Start of prologue :

Preston grabbed my hand and continued to pull me into the forest. I noticed that we weren't the only ones with the same idea. People were running in every direction screaming. I noticed that the guys in black were getting closer so I pulled Preston along after me as we continued to run. We went to run after a group of girls when suddenly a guy jumped out from behind a tree and grabbed me. Screaming I try to kick him but, he was way too strong.

"You're not going anywhere sweetheart. Our boss is waiting for you." He whispered in my ear as a branch smacked into his face sending him flying backwards.

I looked up and saw Preston standing before me with a branch in his hands.

"We have to move quickly. There are more coming." Preston demanded before tugging on my wrists and pulling me deeper into the forest.

After a few minutes I noticed that we had been separated from all the others and we were also lost. Preston and I however didn't stop running. Suddenly we heard footsteps approaching behind us and we run even faster. Let me tell you that running in five inch heels isn't as easy or glamourous like it is in the movies.

"Come out. Come out wherever you are." A voice cackled.

Preston and I stopped for less than a second only to be knocked to the ground by two separate guys.

I felt the air leave me as I hit the ground. Suddenly a body was sitting on my midsection smiling down at me. I noticed that it was the same guy as earlier who Preston had smacked in the face. I looked to my left and noticed Preston's face being shoved into the ground forcefully.

"Preston." I wheezed.

"Don't worry about him. I'd be more worried about myself if I was you." The guy holding me smirked.

"Would you like the honours or shall I?" The guy pinning Preston down asked.

The man holding me smiled before pulling me to my feet and distastefully glaring down at Preston.

"I would love to. I just need you to hold dear Cassandra for me. I don't think boss would be happy if we let her slip away do you?" He asked before placing me into the arms of a guy who looked like him just slightly older.

"I won't hurt you but Im not letting you go." The new man holding me teased as he pulled me into his chest and held me tight.

"Ok boss will be here in a minute fhe said that we can do whatever we want with this one. Guys let's move him away from here I don't want to bother Cassandra and the Boss with his screams." He winked at me before dragging Preston away with four other burly men in pursuit.

"CASSANDRA!" He screamed.

I tried to get out of my captors arms but, he must have expected it as the moment I moved his arms tightened around me restricting any and all movement.

"PRESTON!" I screamed

Throwing my head back in anger I am welcomed with the sweet cracking sound of my captors nose breaking. His hands released me instantly and I started sprinting away, I saw a figure casually walking my way not paying attention until he saw me. I turned away and ran in the opposite direction.

"Cassandra stop!" A familiar voice called out as I ran.

It's him. It's "Casanova" he was running after me and he was running fast. I was about to jump over a log when an arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me backwards and  tightened his grip on my waist.

"Hello beautiful." He whispered in my ear just before he placed a cloth over my nose and mouth.

"Cassandra Milano you are MINE and nobody can take you away." He growled as my eyes began to blur.

I looked up and what I saw was a beautiful face with chocolate brown eyes and messy brown hair.  The face of the enemy, my family had warned me about was the last thing I see as my world draws to a close and I met with utter darkness.

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