Chapter 1: That Smile

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"Nanase Haruka please come to the front of the class now!" Haru's teacher yelled. The kindergartener walked up to his sensei. With his flowing black hair he says:

"Yes Ms. Usami?"

"Nanase, Shizuku told me that you refused her coldly in the playground to play with her and told her to 'get lost' is this true?"

Haru looked at the sobbing girl with light blonde hair. Her purple eyes were full of tears, but her face was still full of lies. Haru knew he would not win this argument. No one ever listened to him. No one understood him. He would forever be alone.

"I did."

"Nanase kun, why would you say such a harsh thing to a poor innocent girl!?" Haruka did not utter a word.

"Hmph, apologize right now!" the teacher instructed him.

"I'm sorry Shizuku Mei." Haru walked to the back of the class. He paid no mind to the whispering students. He hated school. There were colorful drawings hung all around the class room. They were all full of happiness. All were interpretations of the student with their friends. However, little Haruka drew only water, with the words "Free" in a wave. That's all he wanted. To be Free. Free from everything. Himself too, for it was himself that caused him to be so lonely. He didn't dislike being lonely, but, he didn't know what it was like not to be lonely either. That was, until today.

"My name is Makoto Tachibana. I was late to register so that's why I'm here during the second week of school. It's nice to meet you!" The dark olive green haired boy said this excitedly with his big emerald eyes. All the students said in unison "Nice to meet you!" back. All for little Haruka, who stared blindly out the window in the back.

"Alright Tachibana kun, please choose a seat. There's one in the front by Mei Shizuku, one to the left by Takano Rhito, and one in the far back by Nanase Haruka

"Hmmmm....." Makoto scanned the room a bit before finally making his decision.

"I'll take the one by Haruka!" The class gasped. Even Haru was amazed.

"Hi, my name is Tachibana Makoto, but just call me Makoto, Kay?" Makoto said giving Haru his small hand.

"Why would I call you by your first name?" The ocean eyed boy asked him.

"Because you and I are friends!" Makoto said tilting his head to the left, giving a warm smile to Haruka. Haru was astonishined.

**Friend?** (when words are in **...** they are Haru's thoughts)

"Hmph, I dont ever remember saying that, besides I just met you."

"Can you at least shake my hand?" Makoto asked kindly.

"Fine, but I won't talk to you a lot next time." Haru took Makoto's hand. His eyes widened a bit.


Haru started getting nervous. His face was hot and his breath became uneven.

**Maybe I'm sick**

. For the past month, Haruka and Makoto became closer. They were constantly around one another. Makoto was always babbling on and on to Haru. But for the first time, Haruka didn't feel lonely. At least, not when he was around Makoto.

"Haru-Chan Haru-Chan Haru-Chan!" Makoto called out to his shorter friend

Haru was slowly going back and forth on iwatobi's playground swing. Alone of course.

"What is it?" Haru asked looking towards his happy friend. Even Haru considered Makoto that word.

"We're going on a field trip!" Makoto giggled.

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