Hell! Even his bag wasn't here.

Walking back up the stairs, I repeat Greg's name again and again.

"Do I have to count to 3 again? We both no how this is going to play out."

Walking towards my dining room, I see nothing.

"Greg?" I hear rustling noises and walk towards the kitchen.

"Greg, is that you?"

"No it's Michael Jackson." A voice whispered in my ear.

I jumped from the unexpected voice. Turning around I come face to face with Greg. He smiled like a Cheshire cat.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" He seemed so... happy.

"I'm just very happy."

"No shit Sherlock." He ignored me and instead stepped closer to me.

"You- you weren't downstairs. I was looking for you-" I pathetically rambled on as he pressed his body close to mine.

He didn't speak.

"All your stuff.. It was packed up. Did you even sleep there?" His body was now pressed firmly to mine, my back pressed against the kitchen counter.

He didn't speak, yet again and this time it annoyed me.

"No really, I want you to answer my question."

He said no words but rather made a noise, "Hmm," as if he was thinking.

"Greg?" I asked innocently.

His eyes showed a spark and his face came nearer and nearer.

"I went out for a stroll," He murmurs, his mouth only an inch away from mine.

"And I'm a clean man. I clean up my stuff." Each time a word escaped from his mouth, it tickled my cheek.

Part of me knew this was wrong. It shouldn't be in my faith to be with Greg. It can't be. Hunter's my mate. I have no doubt of it, but Greg... Well, Greg is Greg.

There was another part of me, the part that felt the butterflies in my stomach seemed to disagree.

Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe I'm just special and that's why Greg and I feel this slight connection.

"Did you even sleep downstairs?"
"I did."

I wanted to ask more questions, yet as his lips brushed against mine, I couldn't even remember where I was.

"Rose, It's 8 o'clock." Soph's words seemed to have woken me from my daze.
I jumped back from Greg, not having time to actually kiss him.

"Shit! Okay, grab your bag and meet me in the car. We're gonna be late. Hurry!"
The realization that I was going to be late dawned at me.

I have already missed so much school, I couldn't afford to miss another minute.

I stumble to get my keys from my table then my bag.

Soph gave me a weird look before retrieving her own bag.

"Soph!" I scream loudly as I run out of the house and up to the car.

A second after I've sat myself into the drivers seat, Soph runs out towards the car.

"The door, Soph! Close the front door."

She groans but then jogs back towards the house, shuts the front door then runs back.

Instead of sitting in the front like she always does, she opens my rear right door and placed herself in the back seat.

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