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It was June 6, 2060. As the day pass by, the world became silent. The gush winds floated above their heads. The clouds seemed depressing. The leaves started to fall continually as if someone with a dark soul had passed by. And lights flicker uncontrollably. The residents of Ashwick Valley, Germany went out in the streets having no idea why the world was acting strange that night. Then around the corner of the street where he was leaving in, a large amount of flesh eating zombies showed up.

It was the day the world crumbled down.

Their faces showed horror. They ran back to their houses, panicking. Realizing they were already too late that the street was already swarmed by zombies. Echoes of screams blasted. He was the only one left standing in the middle of the street while everyone was running away like dogs. Knowing that he needed to get away he took a break from himself. Then he remembered something, his litte sister inside the house alone. Gasping for breath, he ran opening the front door. Right after that, It seemed quite strange. He felt that wind swifted into his face. Right away, he knew where it was coming from and he went back into the kitchen finding that the back door was opened already. He remembered he had closed it with his very own hands, but it left him wondering why the doorknob was covered with blood mixed with dirt.

He was in a state of shock but he pulled himself from it. The last thing he could do is let himself give up and that wasn't one of his life mottos. He didn't waste time and went to his little sisters' bedroom finding that the door was wide opened too. After a few footsteps of his, he saw his sister's tiny feet on the opposite side of the bed laying on the floor. He made his feet move and there she was, her hands were chopped off as if it was for a full night dinner, her neck was chomped deep into her throat. He didn't want to describe anything anymore and broke down as soon as he saw it. He was all alone, his parents were buying food and is about to go home for the dinner when all of this happened. But he doubted they were still alive, after experiencing such a tradegy.

He kneeled right next to his little sister placing her into his arms as he cried. She was turning pale purple, her veins were popping out, her eyelids were closed, and blood flowing out from her mouth. All he wanted to do is to shake her until she was alive and he did that but it didn't work. Then he heard something had fallen in the floor that sounded like it was by the living room. He hid her sisters' body underneath the bed and he needed something to protect himself. He looked around the room and took the curtain rod.

He had his guard up. Whatever it was, it made his heart beat faster. He gulped down as he get closer to the destination. And there it was, a zombie in front of him. He took the curtain rod and shoved it into the zombies' chest as he fell backward dropping, he was still mere alive. At the same time he felt that squish of the rod against the body of the zombie. The most vital spot to hit a zombie is from the head as he learned it from playing video games. He pulled the rod and the zombie didn't even feel anything but loads amount of blood spurted out. He was disgusted.

Then he said in a quiet soft voice, "I'm sorry." then it all ended with the rod in the zombies head.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment. He never expected to actually kill someone especially in this kind of moment. He looked through the window and saw that the town was in chaos. Fires lit up as if someone intendedly did it. A few zombies were enjoying their meal as they took out the intestines out of this one person's body like the Operation Doctor his little sister plays. He felt bad deep inside, of course. He wanted to stop them but there was no way the person would live.

The curtain rod wasn't going to protect him from the zombies. So, he remembered that his friend whose father is a police. The only thing that is in his mind is to get a few rounds. He made a decision and he went on quiet as possible so he would'nt attract attention. His friends house is only four blocks away but it seemed like a long way. He was nervous inside, knowing that a zombies surrounded the town. Along the way he hasn't seen any zombie around. He felt a huge big sigh of relief.

But his luck had changed. His friend's house was on fire. After coming all this way, he figured he doesn't have any chance. When suddenly someone grabbed his right feet. He cursed out, and soon he knew who it was. His friend Carstel, who is the son of the police he was remembering about.

"Where are you going?" Carstel asked him. Carstel was hiding by a big bush that he didn't even notice. He hid there too.

"To your house."

"If you're thinking about the guns, no luck." Carstel said with a discomfort in his face.

"I know." he said dissapointed. He knew what had happened already. He didn't want to remind Carstel again knowing he would break down. But Carstel gave him a reassuring smile and all he did was to take it.

"I heard a place where they're taking survivors to a safe place." Carstel said.


"In Salzburg."

Salzburg is 25 miles away from Ashwick Valley. To his, it was more than that. If he wanted to survive, he only had one person to count on and that is Carstel. After cramming all the thoughts in his head gunshots triggered from a distance.

In only a matter of second the street fell asleep. A mist happened to spread and a shadow of a big object came through the mist. It was a tank. They were shooting the zombies without hesitation. At last, someone had showed up, they both thought. Carstel and him went running to the tank but he forgot something. His beloved little sister. He was confused at the moment, he didn't want to leave his litte sister out there and may not be seen forever. The right thing to do was to go back and say goodbye to her. But there was no time.

"We gotta go!" the man at the tanker had said.

They were running as fast as they could so they would catch up. Carstel grabbed on the tank and was helped. Carstel reached his hands to help him but he slowed down purposely.

"Here, grab my han------What are you doing?!" Carstel shouted.

He didn't replied but he could hear Carstel's voice in rage saying as they were moving farther away,

"Wait, you have to go back! We can't just leave him out there!"

Then they were gone in the mist. And he was all alone.

Uuuuunnnngg Uuuuunnnngg Uuuuunnnngg Uuuuunnnngg Uuuuunnnngg, a sound that almost sounded a million times.

He turned his body around and the zombies surrounded him along with his little sister who had  turned into one of them. He didn't feel afraid, he just wanted to be with his family. That's all. But now, it seems like he was giving up on himself. He doesn't know if he made the right decision or not. Deep inside, he did because his sister's biggest fear was she doesn't want to die alone. Even though in such a young age, she knew what death was.

After that, they were all coming closer and closer. He didn't move or tried to get away. After a few horrifying moments, he was gone.

Minding the time doesn't longer exist. The world forgot what day it was supposed to be. In the end, they all wanted it to end for there was no hope.

Abel Aldrich was only 19 years old when he became one. He opened his eyes as he lie on the ground. The light above was new to him, so he closed his eyes and rose up. He doesn't remember such a familiar place. Then he started walking, constantly while his body twitches. His hands sway loosely and his body was tilted. Abel was hungry.

END: HALF PAST DEAD 12/18/2010 ~stuckinescalator

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