i feel like I'm spoiled all the time

like i just got a $60 5sos sweater and walked around the mall for three hours

and before that I went to Walmart bc lame and needed to get some stupid birthday present for one of my "friends."

i got this reaLLY cute shirt that says "je t'aime" which means I love you in French and its gray and 3/4 length sleeves and agh it's pretty plus a 5sos poster

and my rOOM

pink walls (im a girl stfu) and posters literally any and everywhere.

my bookshelf is fucking stuffed with books that I've either read, never read but am going to, stuff im never gonna read, stuff i started reading but gave up on and childhood picture books


and my guitar. I'm in love with my guitar.

that sounded weird.

it's my sister's old acoustic fender guitar and it has sentimental value. no, it's not shiny. it's dark brown wood and small (bc im short ok stfu) and yeah. I take lessons and can play a few songs.

they are:

Amnesia by 5sos baes
You & I by 1D baes
The A Team by Ed Sheeran bae
Wherever You Are by 5sos again
Firework by Katy Perry

And im gonna be learning Little Things by One Direction soon!!!1!

So I'm spoiled

I think

I'm not rich; im not snobby; I don't go to a private school.

I'm just a girl lucky enough to have such a great life. if you look at your life, it may not look great. but look at the lives of some other people. they don't have phones. they don't Internet or any electronic device. hell, they barely have enough food.

so be grateful for what you have. I've learned to be grateful. my life is looking pretty great.

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