Little sister [II] {Iguro Obanai}

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"I..." your faint voice spoke "made this one for you since you, um, liked what I cooked last time"

Obanai shifted his gaze to look at you, to which you replied with a faint blush, nervousness making your heart beat faster and a shy smile. He continued staring at you for a good minute, his features softening as he saw how precious you were. He hesitated, and then, without saying another word and just making a disgusted expression, left you staring at his back with eyes full of disappointment.

You took that as a clear rejection, holding back your tears the best way you could. It wasn't the first time he had ignored you, or made a disgusted face when you were around, but it was difficult to not feel empty after feeling his touch against your skin, to be held by him, hands intertwined. You knew that you could try to see him as a friend, but deep down, your heart knew he wasn't.

"He hates me" you muttered to yourself, yet somehow Mitsuri heard it.

"Hate? Obanai hates you?!" she freaked out, leaving the food aside to firmly hold your shoulders "that's impossible! Because... because (Name) is the best person in the world!"

You shook your head several times, trying to hold the tears from falling.

"But you didn't see how he looked at me, how he's been ignoring me since your performance two weeks ago."

"I'm sure this is a misunderstanding." she stated, determined as ever.

"It's not"

The times he has acted nice towards me ever happen because I'm your little sister, not because I'm me.

Mitsuri's worried expression grew, her hold loosening, admiring how defeated you were. She sighed, wrapped her arms around you lovingly.

"You're my little sister and I love you, but you need confidence when I can't give you a push. Please don't jump into conclusions like that or you'll end up hurting yourself. I'd hate that, and I'm very, very sure that he wouldn't want that either."

"Thank you for helping me, (Name)!" Rengoku exclaimed, joyful expression at its peak.

"Well... I was free anyways..." you answered shyly, hiding the blush present in your cheeks with your hair.

You'd gone in a mission with him after Mitsuri gave you permission to do so. She said that being in a mission with him would nourish your techniques, and she was right. Some sort of admiration grew inside of your heart upon seeing how skilled he was in battle.

"I should thank you for letting me go with you" you said under your breath "You're really skilled in battle, Rengoku-san..."

He raished an eyebrow, his radiant smile almost blinding you.

"It's fine, I'm always happy to teach!" he spoke, patting your shoulder "Do you wanna see what else I'm skilled at?"


You shivered at a murderous intent behind you threatening the flame pillar. Rengoku's happiness didn't falter, smiling at the person who clearly didn't have nice feelings towards him. At seeing who it was, you smiled at him. He was somewhat startled by that, averting his eyes towards Rengoku immediately.

"Good afternoon, Obanai! Are you heading to a mission?"

"No." he responded "what were you talking to (Name) about?"

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