Little sister [II] {Iguro Obanai}

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Fluff, female reader, no manga spoilers.


Sitting in the engawa of Mitsuri's estate, you watched her spar with Obanai, peacefully moving your legs up and down. They had been crossing swords for quite a while, sweat beads visible on their faces and heavy breathing. Since you'd been practicing all week, she told you to just observe how they performed.

After what had happened the day of Mitsuri's artistic performance, you'd been going through a tough process of 'mind dettachment' in which you had to clean the impure thoughts out of you head. In this case, your feelings for Obanai. You were well aware he loved your sister more than anything in the world, you saw how much he'd done to make her happy and how many times he had blushed by looking at her. You couldn't bare to be away from him, so the decision to only think of him as a friend was the only option you could manage.

Mitsuri collapsed next to you, rolling on the wooden floor happily.

"Lunch time!" she hugged you tightly while you unwrapped the bento boxes you'd made for them. "My (Name) is the sweetest, isn't she?"

You saw Obanai placing the wooden swords with the others, nodding slightly to what your sister said. Afterwards, he proceeded to leave the place, probably because they had already finished training for the day and wanted to go home. You exchanged a look between the bento box that you had prepared for him and his figure, which increasingly moved further and further away. You wanted to tell him that he should stay longer, that you had made food for him and that both your sister and you would enjoy his presence. But no word came out, none.

"Where are you going, Obanai? (Name) made enough for all of us" Mitsuri announced, pointing at the bento box you were holding.

He squinted his eyes in disbelief.

"Are you sure?" he knew that such a small bento box wouldn't be enough to fill Mitsuri, no matter how big it was.

The pink haired girl noticed what he was implying, opening her mouth in agape.

"No, no. That's not mine."

She pulled out at least seven more boxes from behind you, all wrapped carefully with pink cloth creating a tower that reached her head.

"These are mine" she giggled, unwrapping one of them and taking the chopsticks out of your hands. She began happily eating, flowers of joy floating around her. "Come on, eat!"

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